PHOTOS: Guardian’s Two Sons Molest 10-year-old Girl, Infect Her With HIV

PHOTOS: Guardian’s Two Sons Molest 10-year-old Girl, Infect Her With HIV

Information reaching Naija News House says that Guardian’s Two Sons Molest 10-year-old Girl, Infect Her With HIV

A 10-year-old girl has been infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), following a series of sxxual molestations by her guardian’s two sons in Lagos State.

The victim, who is currently hospitalised, was said to have lost her mother last year, after which her father took her and her elder brother to an elderly woman who also subjected them to suffering.

A source told Lagos State-based human rights’ body, Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Peoples Network (ACVPN) that the girl was being sxxually exploited by the grandmother’s first and third sons who infected the girl with HIV.


10-year-old Girl
10-year-old Girl

Meanwhile, the grandmother also once caught one of her sons in the act but refused to act.
The source said the little girl took ill in May 2022 and the grandmother allegedly asked her to drink her urine due to the severity of the cough.

She was, however saved by a neighbour who took her to Igando General Hospital, Alimosho, after which the matron referred them to for assistance and follow-up.

ACVPN noted, “The case was reported @ Igando General hospital on Tuesday, June 21. A good Samaritan neighbour felt concerned about the survivor’s state of health and took her there for treatment.

“According to the neighbour, the 10 years old girl fell sick late last year; no care or treatment was provided for her by the grandma, she had to bear the cost of the treatment herself.

“Due to the kindnesses of the neighbour towards the survivor, she opened up to her that she has been sxxually abused by the first and third son of the grandma she is staying with. The neighbour asked her if grandma was aware of the incidents and the survivor’s response shocked her.

10-year-old Girl
10-year-old Girl

”She said grandma had caught the third son having sxx with her, she then warned him seriously never to repeat such act.

”According to the survivor’s 14 years old elder brother, after the death of their mother, their father brought them to stay in grandma’s house (not their biological grandma, as they are not related) and has practically abandoned them there.

”They have been out of school and their welfare has been an issue of serious concern as there is no regular feeding and they lack proper care.

“The 10 years old girl fell ill again in May, 2022 and the grandma started giving the survivor her own urine to drink due to the severity of the cough she had. When the neighbour noticed her depreciating health, they then took her to Igando General Hospital, Alimosho.


“After series of tests conducted, it was discovered that she is now affected by HIV virus, severely malnourished, anaemic; she has swollen feet and can barely walk or talk.

10-year-old Girl
10-year-old Girl

“As at Friday being 24th June, 2022, more tests were still being conducted on the 10 years old survivor. The survivor and her brother are in dire need of assistance to help keep up with the hospital bills, food support, clothing and shelter.”

The ACPN could not yet confirm if the police had picked up the two suspects who defiled the girl.

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