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BREAKING: 13-year-old Boy Arrested For Killing Bandits

13-year-old Boy Arrested For Killing Bandits

Information reaching Naija News House says that 13-year-old Boy Arrested For Killing Bandits

The Katsina Police Command has arrested a 13-year-old boy for killing two bandits in the forest.

The 13-year-old Abdulkarim Mati was an errand boy to a bandit chief, Ardo Nashaware, who lives in Birnin Magaji forest in Zamfara State.

Mati ran away from the forest after killing two senior bandits who were always maltreating him and making life unbearable for him in the forest. He was arrested after he ran away from the forest where he killed the two bandits.

13-year-old Boy Arrested
13-year-old Boy Arrested

According to the 13-year-old Mati, his master, Nashaware took him away from his parents under the pretense that he would be assisting in the rearing of cows. But he was rather trained on how to use AK-47 weapons and made to serve as a guard for abducted victims.

Mati, who demonstrated skills in handling AK-47 riffle in the attached video, also confessed to have been bullied by some elderly bandits, who provoked him, and as a result, he picked an AK-47 rifle and shot dead two of the elderly bandits, and flew.

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