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2023: Jonathan Tells Nigerians Who Not To Vote For

2023: Jonathan Tells Nigerians Who Not To Vote For

Information reaching naijanewshouse has it that the former president Goodluck Jonathan has warned Nigerians not to vote for desperate politicians who are killers in the forthcoming 2023 elections.

“In 2023, you must not make the mistake to vote killers. Those who will carry knives, guns, and all kinds of gadgets to go and kill people because of politics, are the enemies of society. If you kill to become a leader, you will continue to kill to remain a leader,” Mr Jonathan said.

Jonathan Tells Nigerians
Jonathan Tells Nigerians

“The people will continue to suffer. Make sure that from the House of Assembly to the House of Representatives to Senate to governor, you vote the right people in Akwa Ibom State.”

Don’t vote for those who will kill you in 2023, Jonathan warns Nigerians

The former President made this statement at Uyo on Sunday at an interdenominational service to commemorate Akwa Ibom at 35 anniversary.

Jonathan Tells Nigerians

In the run up to 2015 elections, Mr Jonathan declared his reelection was not worth the blood of citizens while advocating for one mam one vote.

Upon his defeat at the polls in 2015, Mr Jonathan handed over power to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Jonathan tells Nigerians who not to vote for.

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