2023 UPDATE: It’s Tinubu Or Atiku, Not Obi

2023 UPDATE: It’s Tinubu Or Atiku, Not Obi

Broken in every bone, life hangs by the thread for 62-year-old comatose patient, Nigeria, inside the intensive care unit of the decrepit Ass-o-Rock hospital, Abuja, where it nurses diseased kidneys, liver cirrhosis and an enlarged heart while the Chief Physician, Dr M. Buhari, stands by with a shroud, clutching a book entitled, ‘From national hero to regional zero”.

This doctor is as useful to the patient as glaucoma is useful to sight.

As a novice, I lay no claim to science but I love the art and science of science.

I’m fascinated by pharmacy, a branch of clinical health science that links medical science with chemistry in the discovery, production, disposal, use and control of medications and drugs.

‘Na madness we dey use cure madness’ is a pidginised proverb that means ‘Wèrè la fi n wo wèrè’ in Yoruba translation.

Nigeria is gasping. It urgently needs a miracle drug.

Tinubu Or Atiku

Tinubu Or Atiku
Tinubu Or Atiku

But drug production is a deep and technical endeavour. Sometimes, it entails a fire-for-fire approach, that is, a particular virus could be remodified and synthesised to make drugs for the treatment or cure of a particular viral disease as it is the case with HIV, for instance.

2023: It’s Tinubu or Atiku, not Obi

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