8 Simple Guide to Build lnfluence

8 Simple guide to build influence:

You do not have to become a Jeff Bezos, or an Elon Musk before you start to touch lives

Being influential means that you are able to gain the confidence and trust of people, through a conscious effort at motivating, inspiring and challenging them

It’s got nothing to do with wealth or titles

Building influence is in itself a way of pushing yourself to the top, in fact, it speeds your way to the top.

Here are ways that you can start to touch the lives of people around you, even without having so much money

1. BE A PROBLEM SOLVER. Make yourself indispensable by providing solutions in your sphere of contact. If you cannot do this with money, you can do it with your ideas.

People will remember that guy who always comes up with solutions

2. GIVE VALUE. Contribute your knowledge to solving issues anywhere you find yourself. You may not be paid for your effort, but remember its a process.

That is you, building the know, like and trust factor, and before you know it, everything starts to fall into place

3. BE A LIFE TIME LEARNER. Knowledge is power, and power is influence. People respect you when you can contribute intelligently to discusses, and this comes from a commitment and an open mindedness to learning

4. Build integrity

5. Focus on what really matters. Avoid petty gossips

6. Genuinely listen and value people

7. Remember that building influence is an intentional move.

8. Let your actions and inactions inspire someone today

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