Is This True About Jigawa State?

Is This True About Jigawa State?

Naija News House brings this question to anybody that know anything About Jigawa State?

In Jigawa state, you only pay 10,000 as school fees for a session in the state owned University, and get a scholarship of 60,000 every session for paying 10,000 SCHOOOL fees.

Female indigenes school for free, from primary to PhD level no matter the course of study, you still get a scholarship of 60,000.

This is one of the state with the best road network in all of Nigeria. Street lights never goes off.

This state never owes it workers, prompt payment ……she is just 27 years old.
Every indigenous student is on 75% scholarship, no matter where you are schooling, they government will refund your money once you can prove you are an indigene.

This things are facts I witnessed. You can confirm it too!

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