After 33 Years NAF Puts Up Aircraft For Sale

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After 33 Years NAF Puts Up Aircraft For Sale

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has announced bidding for its Falcon 900B aircraft.

NAF made the announcement in a flyer shared on its X page, calling on interested persons to submit their bids.

According to the flyer, the aircraft was put up for sale following the approval of the Federal Government.

The flyer read in part, “The Federal Government of Nigeria has approved the sale of Falcon 900B aircraft owned by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF).

“In compliance with provisions of the public procurement Act 2007, the NAF hereby invites all interested parties to submit bids for purchase of the aircraft. The bids can be submitted by email or physically.

“If submitted by email, the bids are to be password protected and sent to while the password is to be sent separately to d proc2@

“For physical submission, the quotations are to be enclosed in an envelope and sealed while the envelope is to bear the name and address of the interested company/entity as well as the description and reference to the request.

“It should also bear the statement, ‘DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 24 DECEMBER 2023’. Please note that the bids would be processed immediately after expiration of the deadline for submission.”

The details and specifications of the aircraft indicate that it entered into service 33 years ago, on October 3, 1990 and had flown for 12,094:35hrs, among others.

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