Terrorist Government, President, APC Leaders – Aisha Yesufu Blasts Buhari Over Ondo Church Attack

Terrorist Government, President, APC Leaders – Aisha Yesufu Blasts Buhari Over Ondo Church Attack

Aisha Yesufu Blasts Buhari Over Ondo Church Attack says Terrorist Government, President, APC Leaders

Popular Nigerian human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s government is a terrorist government, which is never touched by the killings of Nigerians by various terrorist groups across the country.

Yesufu, who said this while reacting to the massacre of Christians by terrorists in a Catholic church in Owo, Ondo State on Sunday, berated Buhari and leaders of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), for organising an elaborate dinner party in Abuja, a few hours after the tragic incident.

The co-convener of #BringBackOurGirls said Nigerians have been left to their fate and at the mercy of terrorists.

Yesufu, while lamenting the deadly attack in a video, said that it is obvious that the lives of Nigerians are not the Buhari government’s priority as people are also being terrorised and killed on a regular basis by the government itself through its security personnel.

She said, “Buhari’s government is a terrorist government and that is the reason why they will not feel anything when terrorists go and kill people where they are worshipping.

“We saw what happened in Owo in Ondo State. A lot of people are pained. People slept grieving. People slept crying. All throughout yesterday, Sunday the 5th, people were down but guess what, Buhari and his cohorts were busy having their parties. They were busy having their dinner. They were laughing.

“They wore their shining whites, they took their pictures, they had fun, they had dinner, they had sumptuous meals and they sent their pictures to us to see.

“Dear Nigerians, you think Buhari is going to be pained because some terrorists went to the church and killed people? What is it that Buhari has not done? What is it that was not done to #EndSARS protesters? It is the same thing.

Aisha Yesufu Blasts Buhari
Aisha Yesufu Blasts Buhari

“Sheikh (Ibraheem El-Zakzaki) protesters were killed. IPOB protesters were killed by this same government. Women protesting the Southern Kaduna killings were killed as well by this same government. A lot of protesters have been killed by this same government. So, they feel nothing.

“You and I are the ones who are left alone to deal with our pains together. These killings are going on; we are being terrorised by terrorists, we are being terrorised by the government that we voted for to take care of us, our security, to protect our lives and properties.

“There is nowhere that is safe. If you think that you are inside your house and that is what makes you safe, sorry, you are not. The latest victims also thought they were safe too until it happened to them. The last victims were also once survivors and they thought this could not happen to them.

“We are on our own, and unless we come together, work together and focus on all the pains that we are going through, and channel those pains into making demands on this government and also making demands on whoever is going to be the next government, we will be here in the next two years lamenting also.

“2023 election is election for the survival of the Nigerian people. You cannot stay away and think that ‘oh, my vote will not count, I’m going to waste my vote,’ we are already wasting our lives. Our lives are being wasted and that must stop.”

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