Akorede Wanted For Drug Trafficking In U.S. Could Be Nigeria’s Future President, Netizens

Akorede Wanted
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Akorede Wanted For Drug Trafficking In U.S. Could Be Nigeria’s Future President, Netizens

Nigerian-American Oluwasheun Akorede declared wanted by the U.S. Department of Drug Enforcement Administration could become Nigeria’s president in future, Nigerians say on social media, reacting to Peoples Gazette’s report on the suspect.

Their reaction is in mockery of President Bola Tinubu’s shady past concerning drug-related money laundering indictment by the U.S. government.

Earlier on Wednesday, it was reported that Mr Akerede, 69, was declared wanted for heroin trafficking by the U.S authority.

Mr Akorede’s story has, however, generated comments from Nigerians, many who said he could become Nigeria’s president in the future while making reference to Mr Tinubu, who once forfeited $460,000 linked to drug trafficking case to the U.S. authorities in 1993.

Last year, the Northern District Court of Illinois released documents detailing Mr Tinubu’s 1993 legal battles with United States authorities over drug-related and money laundering charges.

Comment on Mr Akorede’s story, a Twitter user, @jamesnans81, said, “If Tinubu can do it, you too can, the seat of president of Nigeria await you in the future homeboy.”

Akorede Wanted

Another Twitter user, @felix_enimini, said, “Our future President, he will hire SANs in the nearest future and they will be shouting, ‘My Lord, my client was only declared wanted but was never convicted, that was a mere accusation.’ This dude is in Nigeria, his boss is the temporary president select.”

@jskay7, stated, “Give him time. He can be President of Nigeria in 2060.”

“I’m from the future in the year 2050 and he contested to become Nigeria’s president and he Won,” @ChukwuyemEledan tweeted.

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Another Twitter user, @OnneOturkpo, asked that “he should BE GIVEN AN APC ministerial appointment under @officialABAT since he has the essential credentials the man adores!”

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