Man Cries Out Says I Know My Son Is An Armed Robber, But He Deserves A Lawyer

Man Cries Out Says I Know My Son Is An Armed Robber, But He Deserves A Lawyer

Information reaching Naija News House says that Man Cries Out Says I Know My Son Is An Armed Robber, But He Deserves A Lawyer

It was a sad scene at the Sekondi District Court when Mr. Kwofie arrived with his three young children. He had apparently gotten married to another woman after he separated from the mother of his eldest son.

Since the separation, his former wife has been taking care of the young boy who is now all grown and studying science at one of the senior high schools in the country.

Once in a while, his former wife would call and demand the school fees of their son. As responsible as he is, the father, Mr. Kwofie will quickly release money to settle the bills.

He is busily living with his new wife and three children when he had a call that his eldest son who is now in SHS and lives with his former wife has been arrested. It was not good news because even though his son is staying with his former wife, he knows him to be a good boy.

He inquired and his son was part of the three young boys who are standing trial for setting a Naval officer ablaze after an attempt to rob him of his vehicle failed. The three, Baidoo Patrick, Eshun Adolf and Nii Oninku Adjei ordered the bolt at Sekondi Bakano. As they were on their way, they set the driver ablaze leading to his death later.

Armed Robber

Adolf Eshun who ordered the bolt has since denied knowledge of the robbery and indicated that he had no idea his friends were going for robbery after they tasked him to order the vehicle for them. He is being represented by a lawyer in court and has been charged with abetment of crime (robbery). His lawyer, Joseph Abakah Evans has expressed conviction that he will be released because he is innocent.

However, the two, Baidoo Patrick and Nii Oninku Adjei were not represented by lawyers they have been charged with attempted robbery, murder, and three other offenses. After the court presided over by Her Worship Mrs. Catherine Obiri Addo remanded them into police custody, Mr. Kwofie who was sad could not hold on to his tears. He was sad that his son has now become an armed robber to the extent that he could plan to set another person ablaze.

Even though his son and the other accomplice have confessed to the crime, he believes a lawyer is needed. He confined in some of the reporters who were at the Court to help him with a lawyer to assist his son throughout the trial. To Mr. Kwofie, even though his son has committed a huge crime, he deserves a lawyer and has promised to hire one for him.

But what will happen after a lawyer has been hired for his son lies in the bosom of the judge. The crime committed by his son and his friend is huge and must be made to face the full rigors of the laws once found guilty.

Armed Robber

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