Crisis Rocks Association Of Beer Dealers, Threatens Sale Of Alcohol In Sharia State

Crisis Rocks Association Of Beer Dealers, Threatens Sale Of Alcohol In Sharia State

Information reaching Naija News House that Crisis Rocks Association Of Beer Dealers, Threatens Sale Of Alcohol In Sharia State

There is a brewing crisis among beer dealers in Kano state as the leadership of Tavern Owners Association claims seniority over the leadership of Beverages and food seller’s association in the state.

According to information gathered by SaharaReporters, the Tavern Owners Association claimed it is the only authorised body in the state to engage in the sale of hot drinks and beer despite the ban on beer sales and consumption in the state.

The Kano State House of Assembly made the law banning the production, haulage, sale and consumption of alcohol. The law was enacted in 2004.

Association Of Beer Dealers

A source said, claims by the Tavern owners association have since been made invalid with the passage of the law thereby revoking whatever licence the authorities had issued before then.

He said the association had since turned itself into a demigod as it engages in seizing goods of non-members, particularly those registered under the Beverages and Food Sellers Association as beer dealers.

Speaking further, he said the tax force of the Tavern Association has also boasted of being connected with those in government.

Association Of Beer Dealers

Association Of Beer Dealers
Association Of Beer Dealers

He, however, said there are unconfirmed reports that some of the members of the Tavern Owners Association were paid to cause the confusion despite the unpalatable experiences of the beer dealers with the state Islamic police, Hisbah.

He said, “We all know that in Kano State, the Sharia law forbids the sale of beer. Now, a group has come out to claim it is authorised by the Kano government to sell the drinks.

“Even when the members are aware that the government of Kano State revoked whatever licence they had earlier given for whoever sells beer at the launching of Sharia in the year 2000, this group has continued to pester other people in other association to either stop selling beer or register with it.

”Meanwhile, the leadership of the Beverage and Food Dealers Association had started making consultations to caution the Tavern Owners Association before trouble starts in the already heated atmosphere.

“If not for the intervention of Chief Lawrence of Hoteliers Association and Chief David Odukoya, the government might have come to Sabon gari to stop totally the sale of beer in Kano state.

“As of now, there is still trouble, it was even rumoured somebody was paid to cause a problem. The leadership of the two groups will be meeting for a resolution on Friday at Chief Odukoya’s place, after which they may proceed to Court if not satisfied.

“This issue has been going on for 4 months now. The task force of the Tavern Owners Association claims that they are connected well in government. We don’t know how it is a must for someone to join that particular association.

“The Tavern Owners Association should stop claiming seniority over Beverages and food seller’s association that covers even the Tavern. The two groups are registered under Cooperate Affairs Commission. One is not inferior to the other.”

Association Of Beer Dealers

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