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1 Costly Mistake Noticed In The Crash Involving Attahiru And Other military officials That People Can Learn From

1 Costly Mistake Noticed In The Crash Involving Attahiru And Other military officials That People Can Learn From

Costly Mistake Noticed In The Crash Nigerians are still mourning the death of late Chief of Army Staff, Ibrahim Attahiru and other military officials who lost their lives in a fatal plane crash last week.

After their death, many people were curious to know what could have led to the plane crash that cost their lives. While condolence messages kept pouring in, authorities looked into the issue to ascertain the cause of that fatal plane crash.

Defense Headquarters reveals the cause of the plane crash

Costly Mistake Noticed In The Crash       As people waited eagerly to know what caused the plane crash, Nigerian Defense Headquarters (DHQ) eventually opened up to reveal the cause of the crash. Accordingly to a report by Sahara Reporters, the Director of Defense Information, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu in a statement he issued, stated that the plane crash was caused by bad weather.

He stated that the military authorities are doing further investigations with a view to preventing such ugly occurrence in the future even as Nigerians mourn the dead soldiers.

The costly mistake noticed that people should learn from.

After considering the situation, it became clear that Attahiru and his men embarked on that trip irrespective of the weather conditions. Well, the major mistake they made was either failing to get the weather advisory from the relevant authority or defying the weather advisory given to them. The truth is, Attahiru is a Ver Very Important Person (VVIP) in Nigeria.

Costly Mistake Noticed In The Crash Based on that, he would have be given all the necessary travel advisory that are important for his safety. On the other hand, he enjoys some immunity and special privileges as a VVIP. As a top security Chief too, he is free to do some things under the excuse of “security reasons.

So, nobody would ground Attahiru’s flight or bar him from taking off even if there have been an advisory that there is bad weather which affects visibility. It would have been left at the discretion of Attahiru to decide to heed the weather advisory or defy it.

That was a very critical moment of decision for Attahiru and his men. They could have chosen to go or to shelve the trip at that time. But, they chose to go on. Unfortunately, the worst happened. It feels so sad that Nigerians lost Attahiru and 10 other military officials in that ill-fated plane crash.

Costly Mistake Noticed In The Crash

Costly Mistake Noticed In The Crash
Costly Mistake Noticed In The Crash

However, while Nigerians mourn Attahiru and others, it presents them an opportunity to learn a vital lesson. That lesson is to seek and obey travel advisory from the relevant authorities.

People should seek the advisory before embarking on the trip. And if the advisory is given, they should obey it even if they have the immunity to defy it. Safety is key. Nothing is more important than life because it is only the living that need security in the first place.

They would surely be missed by Nigerians for paying the ultimate price in the service of their fatherland. R.I.P Attahiru and other fallen heroes. May God comfort their families.

1 costly mistake noticed in the crash involving Attahiru and Other military officials that people can learn from. Feel free to drop your comments.

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