2023: Tinubu Is Not Qualified To Be A Councillor – Elias Ozikpu Blows Hot

2023: Tinubu Is Not Qualified To Be A Councillor – Elias Ozikpu

2023: Tinubu Is Not Qualified To Be A Councillor – Elias Ozikpu

During election seasons like what is happening in today’s Nigeria, it is always important to alert the people about the dangers of voting for the wrong candidate, especially in contemporary Nigeria where dictator Buhari’s sadistic, anti-people regime would very much appreciate an extension of time to enable it unleash more cruel policies on Nigerians. Nothing else in this world gives this tyrant more pleasure than seeing Nigerians suffer. Absolutely nothing!

Whilst Nigerians may have already made up their minds on who their next tormentor should be, warnings such as this are important in documenting how the electorates were pre-warned, and how they ignored such warnings, just as they ignored dictator Buhari’s catastrophic first tenure and even compensated him with a second, which has now led to Nigeria drowning under the watch of one of the worst presidents that ever lived. Please, it is instructive to point out that I was compelled to use the term “one of”, only because I wanted to keep an eye on Idi Amin of Uganda.

Elias Ozikpu
Elias Ozikpu

Whilst dictator Buhari’s chaotic regime continues to unleash daily hardship on Nigerians, which is the only thing it has been successful at since its emergence in May of 2015, the possible emergence of Bola Tinubu will dwarf all the economic atrocities that dictator Buhari has committed against the people of Nigeria. To start with, Tinubu is not qualified to be Nigeria’s president. He has zero plans for the resuscitation of Nigeria’s crumbled economy, zero interest in fighting terrorism, zero interest in transforming public medical centres from being deathtraps to hospitals, absolutely empty on education, zero interest in ensuring national cohesion, knows nothing about agriculture, lacks the political will to fight corruption, etc, etc.

One need not be a genius to accurately predict that the emergence of Tinubu will automatically make Nigeria a paradise for thieves, where there will be no consequence[s] for corruption of any kind. It is precisely for this reason that most people are supporting and cheering him on, even though they know he will be a disaster whose only preoccupation will be the daily assurance that he is still the “president”. For this set of people, the entire country can go up in flames provided that their place at the table is guaranteed. Traitors! Traitors!

After cowardly avoiding debates in Nigeria in a desperate bid to conceal his intellectual bankruptcy, he ended up exposing himself at the Chatham House in London, causing untold embarrassment to the country before the entire world. Following that ignominious outing, people around the world should by now be asking themselves, “Are these the type of people considered good enough for the Nigerian presidency?”

Whilst at Chatham House, Tinubu emphatically proved how totally unfit he is for the job he desperately seeks. This man, without a smidgen of shame, was calling on people to answer questions for him! I have never seen this before! These were crucial questions on security, health, employment, economy and other areas that he [not anyone else] was expected to answer and explain how he intends to address them if elected. During that awkward moment, I immediately imagined myself sitting face-to-face with an interviewer and then calling on my friends and family members who accompanied me to the venue of the interview to answer the interviewer’s questions on my behalf – for a job I seek! How else do you demonstrate cluelessness and lack of capacity before the world! How else do you demonstrate the lack of accountability in an administration that is destined for first-class failure!

Tinubu takes credit for every infrastructural development in Lagos State as if he is the city’s founder. He did the same during his recorded interview with the BBC shortly after his show of shame at the Chatham House. Lagos, a former Nigerian capital since 1914 [when Tinubu had not even been born] until 1991, is often talked about by this man and his praise-singers as if it was a forest before he found it during one of his hunting expeditions in 1999. He is desperate to push his false narrative down our throats that Nigeria’s capital for 77 years operated inside a thick forest before his arrival changed the story.

To Tinubu, nobody has been governor of Lagos State before 1999 or after 2007. Which is why he believes that every good thing in Lagos is his achievement, a part of his track record, as he falsely puts it. How can anyone make tacit claims about being the founder of a city which already had a seaport that was established as far back as 1913 – 86 years before Tinubu became governor! It must also be said that whilst he assumed office as Governor of Lagos State in 1999, Lagos had long been the nation’s commercial hub with an airport built by the colonial government during World War II.

Nigerians have the crucial task of busting the lies being peddled by this desperate man. He cannot sail to power on the back of falsehood. His desperation, outright lack of ideas, his frail health, his lack of intellectual capacity, his propensity for leading a corruption infested administration, his lack of transparency, his inclination to violate human rights and the total decimation of democratic institutions, his incoherent speeches and embarrassing gaffes, his nauseating arrogance, his clear desire to strengthen the Nigerian oligarchy, etc, all crown him as the worst presidential candidate that should never be allowed a place anywhere near the Aso Rock. He has “helped” Nigerians by raising more than enough red flags to prove that he is unelectable. Now, Nigerians have the task of either selling their future in exchange for the plate of pottage he and his followers hawk around, or permanently reject him! I strongly recommend the latter.

Many Nigerians have labelled Tinubu as dictator Buhari’s “Pro Max”. But that’s a gross understatement. He will be worse than that if Nigerians make the terrible mistake of electing him. He is a frightening earthquake waiting to bury Nigeria – permanently. This must be resisted now!

So, dear reader, when everything about him is thoroughly analysed, and his party’s infantile propaganda is stripped naked, you will see for yourself that no serious country on earth will consider Mr Bola Tinubu as a qualified candidate for the office of a councillor.

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