VIDEO: ‘’Whether You Like It Or Not Jesus Is Coming Soon’’. – Emir Sings, Leads Praise And Worship

‘’Whether You Like It Or Not Jesus Is Coming Soon’’. – Emir Sings, Leads Praise And Worship

Emir Sings, Leads Praise And Worship says Whether You Like It Or Not Jesus Is Coming Soon’’

Emir of Bauchi sings Christain praise and worship with Christians during Christmas visit

A video has surfaced online of an Emir leading Christian songs in a social gathering. The Emir of Bauchi, Dr. Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu, is the eleventh traditional ruler and the present Bauchi State Emirate. He is well known for promoting peace and unity in Bauchi State and beyond.

He had joined the Christian Society to persistently live in peace, harmony, oneness and love.

Emir Sings

Emir Sings
Emir Sings

The Christian community decided to pay homage to the State Council of Traditional Rulers (the Emir) during the festive period, in regards to the relative peace enjoyed over the years and the mutual relationship between the two religions in the state.

The Emir stated that the two religions have numerous attributes they share in common which triggers the dual love between them.

“There is no need for us to fight over any issues, all we have to do is to sit down and sort out our differences amicably,” He said.

In the trending video, He led the song while sitting on his seat as he was supported by the cheering crowd who sang and clap along with him. “Whether you like it or not, Jesus is coming soon,” He sang repeatedly to the amazement of all the people who were surprised to see the Emir singing Christian songs eloquently.

Adamu promised and assured that his council will forever relate with the Christian community in the state and added that the entrance and doors to his palace are widely opened for Christians to come in at any time of their choice. He concluded by beseeching them to pray for peace and constant unity in Bauchi State and even Nigeria at large.

The Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria appreciated the kind gestures of the Emir towards the Christians and assured him that his grace will never be taken for granted. Prayers were made for the state and also for Emir so as to live long in good health.

Social Media Users reacted to this as they shared their thought online. Below are some of their comments,

Gbenga: There will definitely be peace if our leaders can be more responsible and accommodate one and other, for the Emir singing Christian song does not change his religion beliefs.

Thethix: Hahahaha, some Christians are easy to be brain-washed and confused. So singing from a Muslim man is what gives you this joy? What is his positions on IDP people and several killings going on? Christian please wake up to the reality and forget face value of mere talk without good actions.

Edozie: If you think all Fulanis are bed, remember that our beloved late President Umaru Yaradua (before his death) was a Fulani man.

In this coming year, 2022, learn to attack people for who they are and not the tribe they come from.

Temitope: Nothing is as sweet as peaceful co-existence, even though he didn’t believe Jesus is coming soon but he shared in their joy and nobody has died.


Emir Sings

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