Erica’s Fans Attacked Me Online Over Break Up – Kiddwaya


Big Brother Naija star, Kiddwaya, has revealed that he was not affected when Erica’s fans attacked him online after news broke that they had ended their relationshipThe reality TV star noted during an interview with PUNCH that at the point when people were bashing him over the break-up with Erica, he was focused on building his brand.

“I was focused on building my brand. I posted a message I got from one of her fans to let people know that people are pained about something. I put a caption, ‘is it what it has come to now?’ He said.

Erica’s Fans Attacked Me Online Over Break Up - Kiddwaya
Erica’s Fans Attacked Me Online Over Break Up – Kiddwaya

“They need someone to focus their pain on and I understand that I can be their scapegoat. I am the person that they look at and say, ‘Why is Kidd doing so well?’ ‘Why is Kidd so happy?’ ’I don’t like the fact that he is happy’; so, of course, they direct their pain at me. The same way they direct their pain at David or other celebrities.

“I understand it comes with the package of being in the industry. As a matter of fact, it is not only celebrities that get attacked, it is anyone that is successful or people that are genuinely happy with their lives that get bashed by people that are not happy with their lives.”

Do stated that the online bashing did not affect him then because he was really focused on building his brand and his fan base across the globe, according to what he promised them.

He added “I promised them that I will take the brand global. I don’t have time to be listening to trolls or letting them get to me. It is not something that is a necessity in my life; it did not take food away from my stomach, it did not take air away from my lungs, it did not take happiness away from my soul. It doesn’t get to me”

When asked about the reason behind their break-up, Kiddwaya simply said, “Honestly, in this interview, I am definitely not providing anything that has to do with my relation

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