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Mix-Reaction As GEJ Formally Inaugurated As Chancellor Of Cavendish University Uganda

Mix-Reaction As GEJ Formally Inaugurated As Chancellor Of Cavendish University Uganda

I am pleased to have been formally inaugurated as the Chancellor of Cavendish University Uganda and to have performed my first official function in that capacity at the 10th Graduation Ceremony of the University today in Kampala, Uganda.

I congratulate the new graduands and urge them to deploy their knowledge towards positively impacting people, building a community of reformers and improving the society.

GEJ Formally Inaugurated


Liberty: Can your buhari…? But GEJ you were too dull during your administration.

Chinyere: Congratulations Mr. President.

Udo-owo: Can Buhari see this position after he leaves office hmmmmmm

Boss congratulations more grace sir .

Harrison: You deserve all you’re getting sir. Congratulations…You handed over to these people in Nigeria with hope that they’re real human beings without knowing they’re all bandits. Bandit is currently the chancellor of NDA Kaduna.

Muyil: Congrats my President;

Keep up the good work out there, indeed the stone which the builder has forsaken is now made the chief cornerstone, this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our very own eyes.

Your post presidency milestone achievements have silenced all those who were against you in 2015.

May you remain relevant in your generation, Bravo Dr GEJ.

GEJ Formally Inaugurated

Uluata: Nigeria still need you Dr. Jonathan. I mean, how could we have allowed a man with great vision to leave the seat of power in 2015? And now we’re paying hugely for our mistakes even though most of us especially from the other side of the country has remained myopic.

We have truly missed your selfless service to Nigerian 🇳🇬 State sir. Anyway, live long & prosper. God is with you sir!!

GEJ Formally Inaugurated

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Agwai: Congratulations sir but if only we have known maybe you shouldn’t have handded this country to Baba now see what is happening everywhere including our Highly esteemed NDA has been rendered powerless. More Grace to your elbow man of peace.

Okpekwu: Congratulations sir. Please sir, don’t fall for the plan of APC to lure you into their midst with the fake promise of given you the 2023 presidential ticket. Remember that we, Nigerians hold you in high esteem.

Any plan to join te devilish party called APC will tarnish your image and the good legacy you have taken time to build.

GEJ Formally Inaugurated

Remember that APC is only jealous of the way Nigerians love you, so they are looking for how to make your an enemy of Nigerians. Thank you sir.

Nkechi: Congratulations Sir,
Wish you good health, That’s the Spirit of God and forwardness.
Cavendish University of Uganda, be transformed and move forward.

Uganda be transformed and move forward.
Things’re renewed and everybody’re renewed.
Cavendish University Uganda renewed.

Hibbert: Congratulations and atleast Ugandans may even end up listening to your advise; if they do, that means there was actually a miscommunication between you and Nigerians.

Chris: This is not a well done congratulations because Nigeria is at the verge of collapse, as a former President what has he done since he left office as the former president of Nigeria, he hold grudges against the masses.

We have seen in so many cases were OBJ sending open letters to FG and also granting press interviews talking about the national affairs, that is how a former president that have the interest of his people should show concern when necessary.

Paul: Sir, we are hearing rumors that they want you back. Don’t accept it o. They will destroy the good image you have been maintaining so far. Your good image is why you are sought after all over the world. Don’t ruin it, sir.

GEJ Formally Inaugurated

Barnabas: Congratulations sir. Please don’t capitulate by those greedy politicians in Nigeria whose want to use your good name to achieve their aims by asking you to contest election with automatic ticket.

Kindly respect yourself, you are one leader with unprecedented DIVINE FAVOUR, no one will give you more than what God had given you already, and no one will give you what God has not given you.

You’ve passed through all the leadership titles in Nigeria 🇳🇬, what else would anyone promise you in life?

Those calling you to contest are doing so for their own selfish interest, they have agenda for wanting you in after the bad precedence they set, Nigeria has never been divided they way and manner it is right now.

GEJ Formally Inaugurated

The next Nigeria President will need special grace to perform and stand the heat that is coming because of what is happening right now.

Goodluck Ebere Jonathan sir, you’ve paid your dues for this country, the world has recognized your leadership potentials, humility and wealth of knowledge.

Please respect yourself as the world is respecting you.

I love you sir.

Fahtima: See as him carry him wife follow body? Weda she go school or not o she will always be his first lady. Respect!

GEJ Formally Inaugurated

GEJ Formally Inaugurated
GEJ Formally Inaugurated

Ekukinam: Congratulations sir.

Buhari when??

Oluwakayode: Congratulations Sir. Please come rule us again in Nigeria.

Agidi: Congratulations Sir,more grace to carry up the good plans you have for the university and the Uganda country as a whole.

Agwo: Capacity trumphs title.

Congratulations Sir, the only past Nigerian leader that Nigerians still gladly call President Jonathan, many years after his leadership.

I celebrate you Sir! 💯💥💕.

Ada: ‘My political ambition is not worth the blood of any innocent Nigerian!’ A statement I will ever live to remember you for. Congratulations sir. More wins are coming!

Adewale: Congratulations Sir. Your feet will keep riding on the camel’s back. You’re an exemplary leader Sir.

Douye: Congratulations Sir!! We can’t wait to have you back in the Helms,most especially at a time when Nigeria Needs Healing!!

GEJ Formally Inaugurated

Sorbari: Sir, forgive us Nigerians. May God find and renew his heart toward us. See where we are today. We were decieved. We apologize once again sir.

Onyekachi: Congratulations Sir, people who know the value of Gold treasure for it. The country Uganda knew your value. But your country did not know your value. More Grace.

Okereke: Congratulations sir, keep soaring higher.
The prophet is not known in his land, let the people that know your worth have you. Congrats to Uganda nation.

Emeka: When a prophet is not acknowledged at home, outsiders enjoy the benefits. Congratulations his Excellency.

Elsa: Congratulations sir. Now I know there is no future hope for Nigeria.

Obi: I love you so much my “Able Former President” you are indeed a leader with “conscience, wisdom, knowledge, capacity, human feelings, and fear of God” I pray, the Lord will forever be with you and your family in Jesus name. Amen! More congratulations sir!

Joel: Congratulations, sir. That is where your wife- her excellency Dame Patience Jonathan would spill out the remaining vocabulary grammar.

GEJ Formally Inaugurated



Ezeribe: Nigeria I weep,see our instrument is valued in another country, forming and molding people that wants to be useful,but out of selfish desires of group of demons we lost a gift.

Congratulations to you sir, keep soaring higher.

GEJ Formally Inaugurated

GEJ Formally Inaugurated
GEJ Formally Inaugurated

Anthony: Sir, You are like Joseph the dreamer in the bible, therefore, very early in life, God knows you have a great calling and leadership responsibilities to your community and the society at large.

Therefore, we truly appreciate your unique principles, Congratulations.

Archibong: Congratulations sir but we your brothers from the south south zone of Nigeria are still pained by your insensitivity toward the development of your immediate constituency when you hold sway as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Oliver: Congratulations Sir. More reasons we keep pleading that you should not accept the APC’s trap. You have been raised above a Nigerian President, please Sir.

GEJ Formally Inaugurated

Esuabana: Environment is a very strong factor.

Nigeria rejected you.

The international Space accepted you and since then, you have been doing amazing things.

God bless you richly, Sir.

…and many more.

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