Government Suspends House Member Over Facebook Post

Government Suspends House Member Over Facebook Post

Government Suspends house member over Facebook post, it has been reported that the lawmaker accused Governor Badaru of imposing candidates on the APC for the local government elections scheduled for June 26 in the state.

APC suspends federal lawmaker over Facebook rants against Jigawa governor.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kazaure Local Government Area of Jigawa State has suspended a member of the House of Representatives, Muhammad Gudaji, for attacking Governor Muhammed Badaru on Facebook.

Government Suspends House Member

Mr Gudaji had accused the governor of imposing candidates on the party for the local government elections scheduled for June 26 in the state.

The lawmaker, who represents the Kazaure, Roni, Yankwashi, Gwiwa Federal Constituency, was suspended for six months for alleged disrespect to Mr Badaru in a series of Facebook comments.

Many members of the APC in Jigawa had accused Mr Badaru of imposing the party’s candidates for the council polls, his choices allegedly including persons facing corruption allegations before the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).

Mr Gudaji, in his Facebook posts, amplified the allegations, adding that the governor has changed, abandoned his supporters and adopted his political adversaries.

The lawmaker also called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC leadership in Abuja to intervene against the “underground betrayal” by the state governor.

He accused Mr Badaru of not allowing candidates to emerge through primaries or consensus that the APC agreed on at the recent Gwaram Federal constituency bye-elections.

Mr Gudaji also likened the party’s current situation in Jigawa to that which led to the disqualification of the APC from fielding candidates in Zamfara State, in the 2019 general elections.

“My questions to those supporting Governor Badaru Abubakar: Where are his loyalists, those that suffered for him from ACN in 2011, who laid the foundation of his political career?

And where are those who suffered for him in APC in 2015?

Government Suspends House Member

Why has he decided to respect his enemies that used their last blood to fight him in 2011 and 2015? Those that already have their own base before him?

“Why is he giving priority to his enemies rather than those that sacrificed their life for him from the beginning of his journey to date? In 2015, he defeated the government of PDP with pure APC supporters’ votes and won the elections without opposition? Why after he became governor few of his diehards were considered?

“Is that the reward deserved by those that suffered for him? For the first time we expected him to be a good person and gentleman.

Why after he enjoyed the monthly grants in billions did he change? I am among the people that can sacrifice their lives in protecting the integrity and image of Governor Muhammad badaru Abubakar, why do I oppose him now?” Mr Gudaji wrote on Facebook.

Following the outburst, the APC chairperson in Kazaure, Hassan Lawan said the lawmaker had been suspended from his ward and the suspension had been endorsed by the local government chapter of the party.

Meanwhile, the Kazaure Local Government Council chairperson, Jamilu Zaki, also said party members in the area were dissatisfied with Mr Gudaji’s statement.

Government Suspends House Member

Government Suspends House Member
Government Suspends House Member

Some party members in Kazaure loyal to the governor said Mr Gudaji was a member of the committee that screened and endorsed a consensus candidate for the chairmanship election, only for him to turn around to criticise the process.

The council chairperson, Mr Zaki, alleged that Mr Gudaji was angry because his anointed candidate failed to secure the chairmanship ticket for the election.

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