Gunmen Take Over Highway, Unleash Terror On Motorists, Residents

Gunmen Take Over Highway, Unleash Terror On Motorists, Residents

Information reaching Naija News House says that Gunmen Take Over Highway, Unleash Terror On Motorists, Residents

Motorists who have recently plied the Orsumoghu-Azia-Mbosi-Ihiala Road, a highway between Anambra and Imo states, have raised the alarm over the activities of unknown gunmen in the area.

In the last four days, the gunmen had unleashed terror on motorists resulting in the death of a number of persons.

Some motorists who fell victim plied the besieged road in an attempt to avoid traffic gridlock created by an accident caused by Police roadblock on the Ihiala-Owerri Road, diverted to use the Azia Road.

On account of what is happening in that area, fear-stricken residents and motorists who survived attacks have been dishing out warning notices on social media platforms about the dangers of plying the Orsumoghu-Azia-Ihiala road.

Just recently, the gunmen killed one Chief Gab Ofoma (Ojemba Enweilo Nnewi) Chairman/CEO of Ofoma Associates Ltd while he was travelling on the same road, Vanguard reports.

According to a Facebook post by a kinsman, Azuka Onwuka, Ofoma’s driver made a detour from the Onitsha-Owerri Highway en route to Port Harcourt, due to the heavy traffic on the highway.

Onwuka said, “Chief Gab Ofoma, who had the chieftaincy of Ojemba Enwe Ilo Nnewi was gunned down in cold blood on Sunday by those who kill for no reason. His crime probably was that he was riding in an SUV and looked like a ‘big man’.

“Many people have been murdered on that road by these people who kill anybody that is in a big car and looks like a big man. It has become a crime to ride a big car in the South-East, except you have a battalion of security operatives guarding you.

“During the Christmas and New Year mass return, the killings reduced but the killers seemed to have resumed afterwards.”

Also, one Melie Ajuluchuku wrote, “Danger, keep off Ukpor-Lilu-Orsumoghu-Azia-Mbosi Road, in Anambra State, it is a death trap.

“Please brethren, do not ply the above route for any reason whatsoever. It has been proven to be a major security flashpoint.

“These hoodlums known as unknown gunmen have taken over the place, randomly wreaking havoc on lives and property.

“Just yesterday (Sunday 20th February 2022,) my brother-in-law, Chief Gab Ofoma (Ojemba Enweilo Nnewi) Chairman/CEO of Ofoma Associates Ltd, was gunned down in cold blood as his driver made a detour from Onitsha-Owerri highway en-route to Port Harcourt, due to traffic jam on the expressway.

“This illustrious son of Igboland was a trailblazer in his professional field of Estate Surveying and Management. A national player. An employer of labour, with a staff strength of over 150 personnel and offices in Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos and Nnewi. A very huge irreparable loss to the comity of civilization of Igbo Nation.

“We are at crossroads. There must be a formidable way to put a stop to this fratricidal malady that is besetting the entire Southeast landscape. It is time to act, there is danger.”

Another motorist, Ossy Adubasim, who escaped an attack identified also warned motorists against using the road.

The disclaimer shared widely on Facebook is dated February 20, 2022, it reads: “My encounter with the so-called unknown gunmen yesterday February 19, 2022, at Mbosi, Ihiala Local Government Area, Anambra State.

“I had left Port Harcourt on Thursday, February 17, 2022, to my village, Ukwulu, Anambra State for the burial and funeral ceremony of my late cousin.

“On our way from Port Harcourt, the number of security checkpoints were unnecessarily too many.

“At Okija, we spent a substantial amount of time crossing a police checkpoint. When I got to the exact point of the check, I mentioned to the officer to release the line because the distance had stretched too far, and he said ‘Yes Sir’.

“I was travelling with my cousin, and I told him that the point of the security checkpoint is wrong. Vehicles coming from the Onitsha Lane had stretched over 500 meters, across a bridge and downhill. It was an accident waiting to happen.

“We finished the burial activities on Friday, February 18, 2022, and stayed for the better part of Saturday before we set out to return to Port Harcourt. When we approached Okija, we saw long lines of vehicles; we expected that based on the experience of the previous two days, but the story was different.

“We were told that an articulated vehicle (Trailer) had lost control on descending that hill the previous day and had crushed many people.

“In that chaos, motorists began to be unruly and the police unleashed teargas to enable them to escape. They escaped but the people refused to disperse.

“All the articulated vehicles decided to block the road in protest of police maltreatment.

“That was how we joined other motorists to divert and ride through Nnewi, Ukpor and Orsumoghu.

“As we climbed the road breaker to enter Mbosi town in Ihiala Local Government Area, my cousin spotted a white Hilux pulling out from the side of the road. As I watched from my rear-view mirror, it was unmistakable that we were the prey. They were driving so fast to catch up with me.

“By the way, I was driving a Toyota Tundra truck. I sped up immediately and what would turn out like a James Bond movie ensued. For almost a kilometre, we were jumping all the road bumps; I was in the lead and speeding like hell.

“After about a kilometre, they started shooting at us. I wasn’t deterred and just continued to drive. They eventually hit one of my rear tyres, but I didn’t stop. The entire road was littered with abandoned vehicles, and there was pandemonium everywhere.

“And then God showed me mercy, God showed up for me! At the point when my vehicle was barely moving, they stopped, turned around and left. I managed another 200 meters before I drove into a mechanic workshop, jumped out with my cousin and ran.”

Gunmen Take Over Highway

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