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JUST IN: Why I’m Very Happy About Twitter Ban – Adamu Garba

JUST IN: Why I’m Very Happy About Twitter Ban – Adamu Garba

According to reports the former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba II has expressed happiness at the Nigerian government’s decision to suspend all activities of Twitter in Nigeria.

The federal government, on Friday, through the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed announced that Twitter’s activities in Nigeria have been suspended.

Garba, who appeared on Channels Television on Friday night said that he was happy over the development.

Happy About Twitter Ban

“I’m happy seriously. It’s clearly showing that actions cannot just happen without consequences and Twitter, if you study their mode over the last 2 years, it’s been more of an anti-Nigerian force, Pro-destruction of Nigeria than a platform that is supposed to advocate for freedom of expression of Nigerians.”

Happy About Twitter Ban
Happy About Twitter Ban

“If you look the removal of some of the tweets of the president, i can’t see any strong or vile word like that of that criminal, Nnamdi Kanu that has been left to still be available on Twitter.”

“They decided to embarass the country not the president. Therefore, they have to be suspended.”

Happy About Twitter Ban

“They amplify a lot of fake news and rise a lot of tension in the state, making the country to be more destroyed. So the best solution is to see how we can arrest them and we did that.”

Why I’m very happy about Twitter Ban. Kindly leave your comment on the comments section below.

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