VIDEO: Islamic Police, Hisbah officials Shave Young Man’s Hair For Being ‘Unislamic’

VIDEO: Islamic Police, Hisbah officials Shave Young Man’s Hair For Being ‘Unislamic’

Information reaching Naija News House says that Islamic Police, Hisbah officials Shave Young Man’s Hair For Being ‘Unislamic’

Personnel of the Kano State Hisbah Board have forcefully shaved off the hair of a male resident, describing his haircut as “unIslamic.”

In a trending video on social media, the officials were seen stopping the young man along a road and shaving off his hair before they let him go.

The 20 seconds video, which saw on Wednesday, showed a young man who was dressed in blue kaftan overall and was seen being shaved along the road.

Although we cannot independently verify the video and where it was shot and time, it is coming a year after a young man identified as Muhammad Ikbal, claimed he stopped praying and going to the mosque after Kano Hisbah officials shaved off his long hair for being ‘unIslamic.”

The Kano Hisbah Command has been at loggerheads with residents in recent times because of its perceived draconian regulations and laws.

Only in June, the Kano State Hisbah said it was going to regulate the social media in the state.

Ismail Na’abba Afakallah, the Executive Director of KSCB, had disclosed this in an interview with newsmen.

He had said that the decision was because the film industry, social media, especially Tik Tok, had influenced people to engage in immoral and indecent acts.

“Our board and Hisbah have set up a Committee that will provide a system that will tackle this menace. It is not only Kannywood stars that are engaged in most of the immoral acts on Tik Tok, most of the people abusing it aren’t in the industry.

“It is a global challenge. People see it as a free world where they can do whatever they like. And we cannot allow that because it would spoil the moral upbringing of our children.

“We are concerned with influential Tik Tokers too who aren’t filmmakers because they spoil our children’s character and moral upbringing. We can’t accept you to go wayward. The platform has become a harbinger of marriage failures, waywardness among other factors.”

“They’re now misusing the privilege and disseminating negative information. You will see mature girls every now and then dancing irresponsibly and exhibiting all forms of indecency on social media, especially Tik Tok and Instagram,”he had said.

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