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VIDEO: HopeAgain2023: SDP Knows How To Offer Quality To The Country, Says Adebayo

HopeAgain2023: SDP Knows How To Offer Quality To The Country, Says Adebayo

Hope 93, was the campaign jingle of the defunct SDP Presidential campaign that fronted the late Bashorun MKO Abiola, who is regarded as the catalyst for the current Democratic dispensation we currently enjoy.

SDP Presidential Aspirant, Adebayo

Today at the Social Democratic Party (SDP) National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, the leading Presidential Aspirant Prince Adewole Adebayo shared memories of his involvement during the June 12 poll as a young activists running around, pasting posters and doing seminars.

Adebayo a legal luminary who was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2000 shared why he’s proudly aligned with the party of his youth and the inherent vision and mission to deliver democracy, he further stated that the SDP is Nigeria Salvation boat.

The Ondo-born prince who gave the significance of the SDP in the history of Nigeria said when Nigerians were tired of the military in 1993, it was the SDP that was the horse that took Nigerians out of a dictatorship.

A broad-minded Adebayo stated that the SDP knows how to offer quality to the country because the country is in dire need of a salvation boat and history will repeat itself because the revival of the SDP will bring true democracy to the ordinary Nigerians

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