House-help Goes The Extra Mile To Do Rituals

House-help Goes The Extra Mile To Do Rituals

Information reaching Naija News House says that House-help Goes The Extra Mile To Do Rituals

A lady identified as Halima is currently in shock after finding out that her house-help, Joyce ThankGod, has been doing money rit¥als right under her roof.

According to her, Joyce’s secret activities were brought to light when her mother found chats between her and a traditionalist that she has been in contact with.

She said, “If they had told me that’ll Joyce will be doing rit¥als in my house, I won’t have believed it. We employed her in September and took her in along with her son. We gave her everything she asked for and even bought a smartphone for her to use.


I recently observed that she was lagging in her house chores and advised my mom to seize the phone we bought for her. My mom replaced the smartphone with a small phone so that she couldn’t access the internet. On one occasion, I caught her with the seized smartphone and found out that she had gone to my mom’s room to ste@l it.

I forgave her until yesterday when we were looking for the phone and  it was nowhere to be found. We accosted her and she confessed she had used it as a collateral for a loan from a POS operator. She further confessed that she needed the loan to give to her ‘Babalawo’ who was to do a money rit%¥al for her so she can become as wealthy as Beyoncé.

We went through the phone and saw chats and pictures of rit¥als she had done in our house which she sent to the traditionalist. We learned that the loan was to enable the traditionalist get ram bl@@d which was part of the ingredient for the money rit¥al.

Following the revelation, we immediately sent her packing and sanctified our house. As I type, I’m still in shock at the evil things I saw on her phone. I’m sharing my story so others can learn and be very wary of these house-helps.”

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