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How 88 Year Old Retired Accountant Prepared £7,000 Voucher For Balewa’s Rolls-Royce

How 88 Year Old Retired Accountant Prepared £7,000 Voucher For Balewa’s Rolls-Royce

It has been reported that the Lisa of Ondo Kingdom, High Chief Simeon Oguntimehin, 88, who is a retired chartered accountant and recipient of the national honour of the Officer of the Order of Niger, speaks to PETER DADA about his immediate post-independence experience, state of the nation now, his career and family life
What was growing up like for you?

I was born in this city, Ondo, 88 years ago, precisely on September 12, 1934. My family house is very close to the Lisa Court at Ayeferere, that was where I was born.

I started school at the only infant school in the town then in Ondo, St. Stephen Infant School, in 1940; then went to St. Stephen Primary School at Odosida in 1943.

I was there for only about two or three months when my father fell sick and passed away. I was eight years old at the time.

By the grace of God, the struggle continued and my mother made sure that since my father had put me into school I must continue schooling. I was able to finish Standard Six.

Then I proceeded to the only secondary school in Ondo axis then, the Ondo Boys High School, Ondo, which was founded in 1919.

Admission into the school was very competitive then.

About 850 of us took the entrance examination then because candidates came from as far as Kwara and Edo states.

By the grace of God, I got in and I also got the Ondo Native Administration Scholarship.

I finished from Ondo Boys High School in 1954.

I took Cambridge examination in Year Five. Retired Accountant.


Retired Accountant

Retired Accountant
Retired Accountant

In fact, we were the last set that took Cambridge examination before the West African Senior School Certificate Examination was introduced.

We vacated on December 16 (1954) and I went to Lagos that same day.
It may interest you that by December 30 (1954), I had started work.

I prepared £7,000 voucher for Balewa’s Rolls-Royce – 88-year-old retired accountant.

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