How Husband Left Wife, 6 Weeks Old Baby, For A Secret Marriage – Woman Cries Out For Help

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How Husband Left Wife, 6 Weeks Old Baby, For A Secret Marriage – Woman Cries Out For Help

A reports reaching us How Husband Left Wife, 6 Weeks Old Baby, For A Secret Marriage

Please post and hide my identity. I am in so much pain right now, last week my husband told me that he is going to travel to the village for his friend’s mother burial.

I couldn’t go with him because I just had my third baby 6 weeks ago, his sister and niece are also living with us they also said that they want to go to the village with hubby to see their parents because I was going to be alone with my three children so I called my sister to come and stay with me until they are back.

How Husband Left Wife

How Husband Left Wife

They left for the village on Friday and the last time I spoke with my husband was that same Friday around 11pm, and the next morning his phone was busy, I called his sister she said they were not together that he went to his friend’s house. I keep ringing but his phone was now switched off.

I rang his sister again she told me his phone is having issue and I should call back in an hour she will go there and pass on the phone to me and I finally spoke with him on the phone he told me his phone died and he will speak to me later when he get it fixed and I didn’t hear back from him even the sister stopped picking up the phone.

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It was around 3am my younger sister came to my room to show me the pictures of my husband getting married with another woman, it was his niece who posted on her WhatsApp status more than 10 pictures.

I almost collapse because I taught it was a dream but reality and I checked my WhatsApp to see if I can see the pictures there too but I couldn’t because his niece blocked me from seeing her status but she forgot to block my sister and when she realised that my sister has seen them, she removed all pictures on her status and block her too.

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I started calling her she refused to pick, I also call my sister in law no respond same as my mil and fil also didn’t respond and my husband phone was switched off.

I cried my eyes out and until now my husband hasn’t come home and he still hasn’t pick up my calls, even my in laws nobody want to speak with me and I don’t know what I did to deserve this painful experience.

My children are crying for their dad everyday and I don’t know what to tell them and my parents have tried to reach him to no avail

How Husband Left Wife

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