How I Gave Bishop Oyedepo Spiritual Powers, Women Exposed

How I Gave Oyedepo Spiritual Powers, Women Claims

Decades ago, a woman known as Erelu Agbaye claimed she gave Bishop David Oyedepo the charm and power he uses in running his church.

At first it sound funny, but later it becomes a serious matter as the woman boldly say that Bishop Oyedepo uses demonic power instead of divine power. All this happened in the past but the pains and stain it brought to christainity is not something that can be easily forgotten.

How I Gave Oyedepo Spiritual Powers
How I Gave Oyedepo Spiritual Powers

On an interview with her, Erelu Agbaye said that she is the one behind the success of many clerics in Nigeria. He made mention of some men of God like Prophet Abiara, Pastor Olabode Odunayo, and Samson Ayorinde and said that these men do seek for her help which she use to offer them. She said that all their powers are not from God rather they are using demonic power.

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According to her she said that her main aim of doing that is simply because she have chosen to give her life to Christ and so she feel like confessing all her sin, as some men of God even gave her the opportunity to use their altar to spread her message to the world.

Despite all she said Bishop Oyedepo didn’t recognise her or even gave her any attention.

How I Gave Oyedepo Spiritual Powers
How I Gave Oyedepo Spiritual Powers

These made many think its true but later on the same media which gave her platforms to say all this later publicise that the woman have admitted that all she said was planned although many find it hard to believe the recent news then.


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