How Police Frustrated Efforts By Young Lady Allegedly Raped By Employer To Get Justice

How Police Frustrated Efforts By Young Lady Allegedly Raped By Employer To Get Justice

A young lady, Oluwatoyin Oloyede, who was allegedly assaulted and raped by her employer, Jimoh Oloja, for several years has cried out for help in her pursuit of justice.

Oloyede was also stripped naked and humiliated in public.

According to her, her efforts to get justice have constantly been frustrated by the Investigating Police Officer, Oritsetsola Gabriel Maduku, in charge of her case, who allegedly keeps demanding money from her at every step of the case.

In a report received by SaharaReporters, it was stated that Oloyede served as a home help for the Oloja family where she was repeatedly raped by Jimoh with the knowledge of his wife.

Oloyede said she became worried about her safety, fearing that there might be hidden motives as she suspected it might have been for ritual purposes.

This, according to her, made her flee the house of the alleged abuser with a sum of N100, 000 belonging to him. She said it was a fair amount to cover for the services she was originally employed for.

She said Jimoh and his wife, however, continued to call her, which made her threaten to expose the duo for all their alleged atrocities.

Oloyede was thereafter lured by the Olojas to come for compensation which led to public abuse and humiliation. She was stripped naked and beaten by a team of women identified as Kemi Omisore, Omowunmi Omisore, and Orosola Bolanle Jadesola who were allegedly engaged by Jimoh to humiliate Oloyede in January 2021.

How Police Frustrated Efforts By Young Lady Allegedly Raped By Employer To Get Justice

The victim was also allegedly forced to delete the evidence she had against the Olojas from her phone by a police inspector, Bukola, who watched as the women beat the victim with brooms and other objects while she was naked.

She was also arrested and forced to write an undertaking never to reveal her experience with the Olojas to anyone.

A petition written on her behalf by her Mrs V. I. Folorunsho for solicitors, N. O. Folorunso & Co, said, “The name of the assaulted lady in this video is Ms Oloyede Oluwatoyin Elizabeth. She was reportedly employed as a house help by the family of Mr Jimoh Oloja, where she was repeatedly raped by the same man on the conspired efforts of his wife. As this goes on, according to Oloyede, she became so worried about her safety as it started getting obvious that there are hidden motives for the conspired effort by the couple for the constant sexual abuse with other suspected ritualistic tendencies.

“She decided to flee after series of unbearable sexual abuses by Mr Jimoh Oloja and took about the sum of N100,000 which she believed is fair for the exchange of the services she was originally employed for. After this, Mr Jimoh Oloja wouldn’t stop disturbing Ms Oluwatosin until she threatened to expose her ordeals and the dirty deeds of the Olojas. This got him scared as he thereafter became suddenly nice and uttered soothing words and promises to lure Ms Oluwatoyin to come back for what he tagged discussion for ‘settlement and adequate compensation’ for her years of service. She innocently went back and on getting there, Mr Jimoh had recruited ‘professional beaters’ to ‘deal’ with Ms Oluwatoyin after framing her for theft.

“After she was heavily molested and dehumanised by this crew of beaters, she was later arrested and was forced to write an undertaking never to reveal her experience with the Jimohs to anyone. And the phone where she had wisely saved certain evidence she thought might be useful was formatted by one Inspector Bukola on the paid request of Mr Jimoh.

“When this case was reported to us. We filed a petition at the State CID against Mr Jimoh and his accomplices and they were arrested. After this, the IPO in charge of the case, the person of Oritsetsola Gabriel Maduku, won’t stop extorting Ms Oluwatosin, asking for money to mobilise himself and his men for anything at all they want to do on the case. She paid and provided for transportation for the police officers on a number of occasions and requests for mobilisation from these police officers seem unending.”

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