How to Identify your purpose on Earth

What exactly is your mission here on Earth? What has God placed you here on Earth to do? Have you discovered it yet; or are you still wondering about, living like the dry heaves that are blown about by the wind? Do you go where wind blows, thinking and believing that you have nothing to do with the way your Life turns out.

According Pastor Emmanuel, God created Everybody; man, woman, boy or girl with a purpose and a specific mission for him or her to fulfill here on Earth. For you to do the will and carry out the plan of him that created your, you must identify your purpose and work to fulfill it…. That when he steps in to make things less cumbersome; and to give you a breakthrough that would distinguish you from others as he had already promised in his holy book.

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have it entered into the heart of man , the things which God hath prepared for them ( you) that love him.

Those who have no specific purpose in their lives settle for whatever comes their way. They leave their lives for Chance and like a scepter, they go about life groping in the dark.

Purpose is the biography and the movie about you even before you were ever born and the author and director is God himself.

Wise men and thinkers of all ages have known and have always emphasized the need to live a life that is governed by a purpose. Life is not measured by its duration but by its donation(s) to the world. A man of purpose lives on long after his death. As a youth, do you have a purpose for your life, or reason to live ? If you don’t know where you’re heading; and if you refused to take responsibility for your actions and whatever outcome it produces; and work toward amending it while there’s still time, you’ll end up as a failure and a liability.

Dreams, when properly harnessed crystallize into purpose; which in turn brings about a corresponding action or steps that eventually give birth to impeccable results; and a lifestyle of success and power that would lead to all sort of freedom.

Identify your purpose and make it your true name. Set yourself free from dwelling in an unpleasant past; the kind of thoughts that limited and blindfold you so much that it becomes impossible to see and get a hold on the unlimited opportunities which God has put in place for your ultimate pleasure. Old things are passed away; and every available opportunity has been renewed for those whose live anchored in the God.

What God has prepared for humanity is not limited to the past, neither is it based on present circumstances; nor would it be affected by what might become of the future. That which before was a mystery is now made known because God has revealed it to his people, but to those that have refused to recognize his supermacy, it is still, and will always remain a mystery. His wisdom has caused everybody who depends on him to be partakers of both the earthly and heavenly riches.

The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God who know, and Walk, and live according to their divine purpose in life.

Purpose is the light of men. Anyone that seeks, and discovers, and stays in it will not Walk in darkness. A man of purpose is a man that has the wisdom and the understanding of God. As it is often said, if you don’t know where you are going, people will lead you to where they are going.

The beginning might be very uneventful; but no one can tell the end of a man who is working under the influence of God’s purpose. Men of purpose are more often than not misunderstood by the masses because they are different. They dare to stand out. No matter what happens, they don’t act like cowards.

Your purpose defines you. It defines your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and your behaviours. It manifests the results you prepared on the inside. Do you remember the Biblical account of Abraham and others who were arguing with God base on their natural mindset?

Moses said, I can’t speak…., Purpose said, I have made you a orator and a Good . Gideon said, I am poorest and weakest in the might. Jeremiah said, i am but child….; Purpose said, I am a prostitute, purpose said, you are of the lineage of Christ.

You are unique with a unique purpose

Indeed, you are really unique with a unique purpose. Your creation and composition are unique. With every other creature, God just said a word and it came to be. But you weren’t created like that. In your case, God used his hand to form you just the way he is, and after his likeness…… So that you can think and function like him.

Your creation is unique and your purpose is unique. Think of it , what happens if you try make a spoon to perform the functions of a knife?? You encounter some difficulties, isn’t it? Why? Because for you to get an effective and optimal satisfaction; a spoon must always be meant to function as a spoon.
You can predict your future by the awareness of your unique purpose.

As the spiders have everything they need embedded in their body, so do you have all it takes to become what you should be. God endowed you with a great deal of wealth, spiritual, intellectual, physical and material. As I look carefully at you , less these unique abilities embedded in your being

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