I’m Glad Nigerians Can Now See The Difference — Jonathan Blows Hot

I’m Glad Nigerians Can Now See The Difference — Jonathan Blows Hot

Jonathan says I’m Glad Nigerians Can Now See The Difference

Former President Goodluck Jonathan, has said the emergence of Buhari as President in 2015, has given Nigerians the opportunity to see for themselves, the difference between his administration and the current government.

Jonathan while delivering an address at the 50th birthday celebration of Apostle Charles Osazuwa, President of the Rock of Ages Christian Assembly in Benin City, Edo State, said he’s always believed that people deserve better lives irrespective of who they are or where they come from.

This belief according to him, is what makes a better leader, and he did his best to make sure Nigerians remember and appreciate him after he leaves office.

“My belief, particularly when I joined politics, is not to use a temporary privilege, a temporary position God has given to me to punish people.

“Some of the things I did while in office to which people still make reference were based on the conviction not to use my position to cause the death of anybody.

“Any position I have occupied by divine providence should not be used to create hardship for other people,” he said.

Jonathan was voted out of power in 2015 following a controversial election, marred by systemic rigging, betrayals, and a dissatisfied population yearning for a change.

However, after over 6 years on power, the Buhari administration has failed to live up to expectation, promoting even prominent members of the APC such as senator Ali Ndume, to regret it’s criticism of Jonathan.

Ndume who is chairman, Senate committee on Army, and represents Borno South, described Jonathan as the best and finest president president Nigeria ever had.

“I must confess, as people call me stubborn person, I’m also a stubborn person… I feel I need to make this testimony here, and also appreciate Mr.(Former) President, as they say you will never know what you have until you lose it. I will stop there.

“For this country, I think Nigerians know that they don’t value what they have until they lose that thing. We thank God for your life and you have changed the political culture and landscape of this country.

“You don’t know how great you are in the eyes of those that were skeptical, those that don’t know you, those that didn’t come close to you. But now, honestly, I am one of those that used to criticize you very well, but I will say it was constructive move,” the lawmaker said.

Apart from Ndume, presiding Bishop of Flock of Christ Mission Int’l Inc, Warri, Delta State, Bishop Someone Okah, said he cries each time he remembers what Buhari has done to Nigeria.

“Jonathan was the appointed man for us,” he said in an interview with TRIBUNE as he marked his 70th birthday.

“He accepted defeat even when he knew that the election was rigged. The present man there now, President Muhammadu Buhari, was ready to set this country on fire if he had lost that election but Jonathan said no Nigerian blood is to be shed because of him. Jonathan is a hero. He is my political hero. He is a sound Christian and a humble man. I won’t say Buhari is proud; he is a man who listens to nothing.

“It is very unfortunate for this country especially the youth. The youth of this country have been raped, their future has been raped. Every time, you hear ASUU strike. Buhari has destroyed almost every part of this country.

“Look at the naira, when he was campaigning he told us that dollars and naira would be equal. How is it today? He brought all his men and women to be in charge. Our present president doesn’t know what shame is.”

“You know I feel bad; I even cry sometimes when I see what this man has done to this country,” he added.

I’m Glad Nigerians

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