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Why Kings Are Removed From Their City After Their Removal

Why Kings Are Removed From Their City After Their Removal

After the removal of Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II of Kano State by the Kano State government and making Nasarawa State his new home, many Nigerians have raised the question of the law that monies should be used for such emperors.

The BBC has not failed in its quest to explore the essence of this culture. Is it legal? If it is the law, who sets it up? Is it in the constitution?

Kings Are Removed From Their City

A historian in Kano, Malam Ado Kurawa, told us that in 1930 the colonial powers created a law that said that any emperor who was overthrown or defeated in battle or went down for his own free will. take him out of the city to a different place of refuge for him.

According to the law, the emir has no right to choose where he will live unless he is elected, and he will not re-enter the town where he resides.

Kings Are Removed From Their City

Ado Kurawa said: “They created this rule for the sake of running two kings in one city, the old and the new king, and the speed of dissent.

“And they fear that there will be no problems in government so that both sides of the old emperor and the new king will oppose each other or exercise power,” the historian said.

How it was done to King Alu

However, history shows that before the colonial powers came into law, they adopted this system when they came to northern Nigeria.

Kings Are Removed From Their City

In Kano, for example, in 1903 the Europeans entered the city to fight against the emir of Aliu Babba, also known as Alu, but at the time he was in Sokoto.

After defeating Kano, they seek out King Alu, who is already rumored to be planning to travel to the East to introduce the Hajj. He was arrested in Niger and arrested.

Kings Are Removed From Their City

At first they took him to Yola to seek refuge there, but later King Yola could not calm down and feared that there would be two kings in his country, because of the power and sovereignty of Alu and his people.

So he asked the Europeans to remove Alu from his hometown, and King Alu Lokoja was restored to where he lived until his death in 1926.

Kings Are Removed From Their City

After King Alu there were many kings affected by this law and left their cities, an eternal journey.

Some kings were expelled from their cities
Among them was Kano’s Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II, who was also deposed by the Northern Regional Government in 1963 on the Muffet study of the Kano financial institution.

Emir Muhammadu Sanusi I of Azare, Bauchi State, was taken to a shelter, and some of his children were born in Azare.

Kings Are Removed From Their City

When Abubakar Rimi contested for the Kano governor’s seat in 1979, he promised to return King Sanusi Kano if he won.

Although Rimi failed to fulfill his promise because Khalifa Sanusin refused to relocate to Kano, he was able to return him to Wudil, not far from Kanon.

Again, Khalif Sanusi did not play in Kano until his death.

Kings Are Removed From Their City

Ibrahim Dasuki was the 18th Sultan of Sokoto, and was removed in 1996 by the military government of General Sani A

Sokoto governor Jacob Mu’azu had him sent back to Jalingo for asylum, but later Ibrahim Dasuki returned to Kaduna until his death at a hospital in Abuja in 2016.

This was the case with Emir of Gwandu Almustafa Haruna Jokolo in 2005. He was also taken to Lafia, Nasarawa State.

Kings Are Removed From Their City

However, Jokolo filed a lawsuit challenging his stay in Lafia and was successful and was later allowed to return to Kaduna.

Kings Are Removed From Their City
Kings Are Removed From Their City

In addition to them, there is the Emir of Bauchi Umaru, also known as Maje Wase who was removed and taken to Wase, Plateau State.

Kings Are Removed From Their City

Then there was the Emir of Biu who had just been removed to Bauchi. There have also been several hijackers like this in northern Nigeria.

What does the Nigerian Constitution say?
Many legal experts say that so far any copyright in the colony should be abolished if it is not in the constitution of Nigeria.

Even King Sanusi’s lawyers say the custom of taking over emperors is not in the constitution.

Kings Are Removed From Their City

Fourth, under section 41 of the Charter of Human Rights, it states: “Every Nigerian has the right to live anywhere he wants across the country, and no citizen shall be expelled from it. he may be prevented from coming back from it. ‘

Sunushan’s lawyers have even added to the argument that “We are shocked that such a practice is still practiced in Nigeria, especially for political leaders.”

“The Court of Appeal of Nigeria has declared a ban on this practice in a case between the Kebbi state commissioner of justice and the Emir of Gwandu Al Mustapha Jokolo, in which the court declared it to be unconstitutional. rule, and violate the king’s right, ”

Kings Are Removed From Their City

Mr. Ado Kurawa, too, thought it was time to put an end to the tradition of Western imperialism.

“The king has the right to choose whatever city he wants to live in as provided by the constitution. But the politics that are involved in it do not allow that.

Many Nigerians should enact a law to abolish the colonial powers so that once the king is removed he will not be forced to stay where he does not want to.

Why kings are removed from their city after their removal. kindly drop your comment on the comments section.

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