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Lagos On Fire, APC Thugs Allegedly Attack Supporters Of Labour Party Candidate

Lagos On Fire, APC Thugs Allegedly Attack Supporters Of Labour Party Candidate

An unspecified number of Igbo people and people suspected Labour Party supporters living in the Abule Ado area of Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, has been wounded since Saturday night after the governorship and State Assembly elections by thugs suspected to be loyal to the All Progressives Congress.

A source told SaharaReporters on Monday that since Saturday night after Labour Party governorship candidate, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour polled the highest number of votes in the Abule Ado/Trade Fair area, Igbo people have been singled out for attack.

According to residents of the area who spoke to SaharaReporters on Monday, soldiers and Nigerian policemen aided the assailants. They alleged that the hoodlums were given guns to attack Igbo people.

Some of the videos taken following the attacks which were obtained by SaharaReporters on Monday morning show people that had sustained suspected gunshot injuries and machete cuts.

Lagos On Fire
APC and Labour

In one of the videos, a young man that was grievously butchered is seen lying on the ground in a pool of blood. His hand was nearly cut off and he sustained a deep cut on the back.

Another video shows four damaged vehicles, whose windshields had been smashed.

A police source told SaharaReporters that she was surprised that since the attacks on Igbo people started in Lagos on Saturday, it has not received the desired media attention.

A resident of the area who spoke on condition of anonymity, said, “The problem in Abule Ado yesterday (Sunday) is something that nobody can explain. Though, they (Yoruba APC supporters) have been threatening Igbo people before the elections on Saturday. Yesterday being Sunday we are living at Abule Ado, we don’t even know that Igbos are being attacked by APC thugs.

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“So, one of my customers called on the phone yesterday and asked where I was, I said I was at home, that I had just returned from church. He said that he heard that something was happening at Abule Ado, that they were killing people in Abule Ado. I said let me find out, before I would get to Abule Ado, everywhere was dried up. There was no single soul in Abule Ado.

“I was scared of getting to that place and tried asking people what was happening in the area. The people there told me that the attack had been happening since Saturday night after the election. After the election in that particular area, Labour Party won, so that Saturday night all the Yorubas in that area, all the thugs in that place started fighting Igbos.

“When they see any Igbo working on the street or returning to his house – what they don’t want to hear is Omo Igbo; they will attack the person with knives and cutlasses and other dangerous weapons. Even there were some policemen that went down to the Abule Ado on Saturday night but instead of quelling the situation, they were giving the APC thugs their guns to shoot Igbos.

“This one happened Saturday night and after that people ran for their lives. Yesterday, being Sunday, people went to church. Those that didn’t know what was happening and were on their way back, they were attacked and yesterday’s own was bad. They started beating them and shooting people. If you see the number of people that are in hospital as I speak to you, you will be terrified.

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“I am surprised that I haven’t heard it in any news media or seen it anywhere. The school where my son attends has sent us a message that we should stay safe and should not bring our kids to school today (Monday) in this Abule Ado satellite town. Even as I am talking, I am not going out. As I am talking to you Trade Fair is shut down.

“A lot of people have been rushed to hospital for gunshot injuries since yesterday morning. All Igbos in Abule Ado, I don’t what is happening, the governor has been declared winner of the election, why is this attack happening?

“We say we are one Nigeria and they are attacking us here in Lagos by both state and funded non-state actors. Election has come and gone yet since Saturday night, government-sponsored attacks have been going on.”

Another audio voice who spoke in Igbo said, “Since Saturday after Labour Party won here, Yoruba people living here started attacking Igbo people, inflicting injuries on them. Today (Sunday), they started attacking Igbo people at Abule Ado bus stop. Unfortunately, the policemen were giving their guns to thugs to shoot Igbo people.

“Vehicles belonging to Igbo people were damaged. All the people that were returning home were attacked and so many of them were wounded. Can you imagine policemen giving their guns to thugs to shoot Igbo people? In Abule Ado, there is only one major road and that is why a lot of people were shot and macheted. They destroyed and looted people’s shops and vehicles,” the female voice said.

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Another person in an audio message is overhead calling Nnewi Frontier Association to come to their rescue.

The voice said, “Please, we need help at Abule Ado; Yoruba people are destroying the property of our people and shooting people. So many people who were shot have been taken to hospital.

“Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, my Senator, we need help at the back of Trade Fair in Lagos. Yoruba people are destroying our people’s property. They have shot many people. Please, we need help. Many people have been macheted. Nnewi Association, we need help.”

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