Tinubu Is A Lazy Leader, Just Like Other Presidents Before Him

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Tinubu Is A Lazy Leader, Just Like Other Presidents Before Him

The African Action Congress (AAC) has called on Nigerians to rise and resist the suffering meted out to them by President Bola Tinubu’s government for no justifiable or special reasons.

The Lagos State Chairman of the AAC, Ayoyinka Oni, who made the call in a statement on Saturday said that Nigerians have spent the past 50 days of Tinubu’s administration in pain, confusion and slavery and unless they rise, fight and resist the suffering, they will continue to suffer.

Oni said, “Nigerians are not suffering for any special reasons or courses but for our consistent rule by terrible leaders. No nation can have visionless coup plotters, tyrants, drug dealers, thieves, criminals and more rule them for many years and make any tangible progress.

“Tinubu like Buhari is just an old terrible analog thinking entitled tyrant who is from the South. He is more bold in carrying out all the terrible policies against the people because he feels he has the South in his palms since resistance mostly starts from the South on issues like this, but he would be disappointed.

“At this point, if you are still in support of fuel subsidy removal, you are just a confused joker. The removal of the fuel subsidy is the beginning of the calamity we are in today.”

Oni said that what he would have done in his first 50 days in office as the President is to “expose and stop all the corruption in the oil sector”.

He added, “From those that involve marketers to those stealing the oil and others. Invest in existing local refineries and make them standard. Tinubu cannot do that, they are his friends.

“Quick repair of existing refineries and plans to build more in the space of four years. A serious government would complete two standard refineries in the first tenure. All this would gradually reduce dependence on oil marketers which would gradually fade out how much the government would be spending on subsidy.”

He noted that many individuals and organizations are already into renewable energy to reduce the country’s dependence on oil, stressing that all the government needs to do is to invest in them to get it bigger to accommodate local governments, states and regions.

“But you see Bola Ahmed Tinubu is lazy just like all the presidents before him, he went for the fastest way out for himself and his cronies. Remove subsidy, open the market to anyone that has the capacity and connections to move oil, let them dictate the price while the people suffer. It is not just Capitalism, but evil Capitalism, which is packaged by the IMF to continue to put Nigeria under their control.

“Except Nigerians resist, they will continue to suffer.

“APC never planned to succeed under Buhari and it is the same for Tinubu. Revolution does not have a timetable, it is ready when you are. Revolution is not controlled by a court, it is always ready, you just have to rise and take it.

“Nigerians rise up and fight.”

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