List Of Work That Can Developed Lung Cancer – Oncologists Explains

List Of Work That Can Developed Lung Cancer – Oncologists Explains

Cancer care experts have said that working in certain professions may increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

The experts explained that the practitioners of some professionals who are consistently exposed to the predisposing factors of lung cancer are often more at risk of the health condition.

According to the experts, aside from active smokers, persons in rock quarrying, mining, and carpentry are often more at risk of developing lung cancer due to the harmful chemicals and wood dust they are exposed to daily.

The oncologists stated this during exclusive interviews with PUNCH HealthWise, stressing that people involved in these professions should go for regular health checks.

Speaking with our correspondent, a Consultant Radiation and Clinical Oncologist with the Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Plateau State, Dr. Samuel Kwis, said lung cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer because it spreads at the early stage without symptoms.

Dr. Kwis said people exposed to carcinogenic and radioactive substances were at risk of developing lung cancer.
He noted that the early stage of lung cancer was asymptomatic.

The oncologist said, “Lung cancer is very deadly because, at the very early stage, you don’t get to know.

“The patient may not feel any symptoms. The moment you start having symptoms, it means that it has locally advanced.

“It is an invasive disease already. So by that time, it means that it is getting advanced and it also could easily spread because of the high blood supply to the lung

“So, it can easily spread into the blood system and affect other organs like the brain and bone.”
Dr. Kwis noted that the bulk of lung cancer cases was due to cigarette smoking. He, however, said there were still some cases that happen in non-smokers.

“The risks are not just around smoking. Family history – some people are genetically disposed to developing cancer. Then, some get it from the environment – from passive smokers. People exposed to harmful chemicals are at risk of developing lung cancer.

Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer

“People that work in the quarry industry are exposed to dust. People working in mining companies and going into the tunnels to do mining activities are exposed. Carpenters are exposed to wood dust. These people are at risk of developing lung cancer,” he explained.

Carpenters, miners may develop lung cancer, oncologists warn.

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