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Man Loses Eye Trying To Collect His Money From Debtor

Man Loses Eye Trying To Collect His Money From Debtor

How Man Loses Eye Trying To Collect His Money From Debtor

A middle-aged man, Etukudo, has lost his left eye after a fight broke out between him and a man who is allegedly owing him N1600.

Mr. Etukudo, 38, who operates a mini grocery shop, says one man popularly known as Etette in his village, bought goods worth N1600 from him about 6 months ago.

Etukudo narrated that Etette has refused to pay him the money, claiming that on the particular day he (Etette) bought the goods another of his friend at the shop promised to pay for the goods.

The grocery shop owner stated that as he was going to his shop, he met his debtor by chance on the road and stopped him.

Speaking to our reporter, Etukudo said, “Look at what a person I helped as done to me. As I speak now, I can’t see with my left eye.

Man Loses Eye

Man Loses Eye
Man Loses Eye

“He came to my shop, I can’t remember the exact day, but it is like 6 months ago to buy goods.

“As he was selecting what he wanted to buy, another person he claimed to be owing him also came to buy goods.

“When he (Etette) saw this person, he quickly told me that he is the one that will pay for his goods. I didn’t answer him as I was busy attending to other customers.

“He (Etette) left without paying. You know, I was hoping this other man will pay, but he refused saying he did not plan to meet him (my debtor) in the shop.

“So, each time I remind Etette to pay me my money, he has been refusing.

“I saw him today as he was going to work. I stopped him and told him he must pay the N1600.

“He came down from his motorcycle and started fighting with me. He used a stick to beat me and that hit my left eye”

Etukudo said he has reported the case to the Nigeria Police Force, Akwa Ibom State command.

“I just reported the case now. The police said I should go and get a medical report from a Doctor.

“I can’t see with this eye, I hope something will be done to restore my sight at the hospital.”

Etukudo said his debtor ran away after the incident.

Man Loses Eye

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