Mix-Reaction As Fernando Express His Support For Atletico

Mix-Reaction As Fernando Express His Support For Atletico

Mix-reaction as Fernando express his support for Atletico, it has been reported that Fernando announce his support for Atletico which cause many reactions on social media.

Fernando Torres: “When I was little, there was 24 children in my classroom. 23 of them supported Real Madrid. I supported Atlético.” ⭐🇪🇸.

Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres


Your like a Man City fan amongst united supporters and then came along the Abu Dhabi Group 😆.


in my classroom there are 22 children, 21 use iPhones and I’m the only one who’s using Huawei y5 i can’t even concentrate anymore 😔 .


Because you are an athlete but the others are real lol.


Jack Ma : when KFC was hiring for the first time in China out of 24 candidates 23 were hired I was the only one … so it always 24 and 23 🙄.


When I was a little, there was 40 children in my classroom. 39 of them supported Barcelona. I supported Real Madrid.


And you wonder why you had to sit at the back in class😂😂 But all in all we respect you….You were fantastic!.


This is a legend for three big clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea and Atletico what a career❤.


“I’m different, yeah I’m different” – 2 Chainz – Fernando Torres.


He was the best striker in the world when he was at Liverpool.


and when I was a little,there were 103 children in my class by the way,and none of them had ever seen football in TV screen…coz there was no Tv in my little village…so,Fernando don’t look lovely,coz your story is not as an impressive as African kid period!.


But your shining season was at liverpool… the greatest F. Torres given fire performance in Liverpool Jersey

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my whole family and relations support Barca.
I support real Madrid.
Imagine the pain I get when Madrid lose.


When I was small, there were 35 pupils in the class
33 supported Chelsea
My best friend and I supported Nottingham forest ✊.

Fernando Torres
Mix-reaction as Fernando express his support for Atletico

Mix-reaction as he express his support for Atletico, which one do you support and what is your comment?

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