Mother Slumps, Dies After Daughter Snatched Her Boyfriend

Mother Slumps, Dies After Daughter Snatched Her Boyfriend

Information reaching Naija News House says that Mother Slumps, Dies After Daughter Snatched Her Boyfriend

A prominent Zimbabwe lady, Paida Manika was murdered by boyfriend Obvious ‘Yaya’ Toruvanda aged 22, two weeks after she allegedly decided to end their relationship.

It is understood that the two had differences after Paida decided to end the relationship.

Before she died, she grabbed headlines and left the community in shock after she was allegedly caught in the act with her mother’s boyfriend; before the mother collapsed and died.

According to sources, Paida Manika was stabbed by her boyfriend Obvious Yaya Toruvanda who is believed to be a thief.

Manika later bled to death – confirmed around 4am as the incident happened during the week hours of Tuesday 25th January, 2022.

Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Kudakwashe could not confirm the report but The Mirror visited Paida place and had an in interview with her brother-in-law.

The Mirror also confirmed that Toruvanda fled after stabbing her girlfriend and was arrested at 4pm on the same day after being found hiding in a bush near Croco Motors.

“We were sleeping at around 3 am when somebody came alerted us that Paida was stabbed. We rushed to her house and found her lying in a pool of blood with blood oozing from her right leg,” said her brother in law Arthur Mbodzera.

They took her to Chiredzi Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The boyfriend is now in police custody waiting to appear before court to answer murder charges.

Mother Slumps

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