Lady Narrates Her Experience After She Attends Mummy G.O’s Church

Lady Narrates Her Experience After She Attends Mummy G.O’s Church

Information reaching Naija News House says that Lady Narrates Her Experience After She Attends Mummy G.O’s Church

Social media user has shared her experience following her decision to visit Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, a Church founded by an online sensational preacher, Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo known as “Mummy G.O”. Evangelist Adebayo has become so famous online as Nigerians turned her photos to meme, following her pattern of preaching, especially, against what she described as sins before God and why they would lead so many people to “hell fire”.

Lady Narrates Her Experience After She Attends Mummy G.O’s Church In one of her sermon, Mummy G.O claimed that Footballers will go to “hell fire” because football is a sin and it’s the ways Satan use to get more followers. Reacting to her sermon, Nigerians took to social media using her image as a meme, writing a different inscription with her image attributing it to the preacher.

In a bid to personally meet Mummy G.O and get a first hand information from her, or listen directly while she preach in the pulpit, a Nigerian social media user, @burnt_dodo, said she visited “Mummy G.O’s” Church today, Sunday, 9 January, 2022.

Narrating her ordeal, the social media user said she expected to see Mummy G.O deliver sermon at the pulpit but she was left disappointed while she waited and she failed to show up. The lady standing in the church premises According to her, one would think Mummy G.O’s church would be tiny, but what her eyes saw was a large Church building with members inside, who are mostly elderly people.

Mummy G.O’s Church

She wrote; “I woke up early to visit this church. Asides the fact that ‘Mummy G.O’ is an online sensation, her church was not very far and shockingly, her son was an acquaintance. So you can imagine the determination. “To be honest, I was stunned with the size of the church. Expected it to be a tiny building. It was very wide and a small building by the side was for the children’s church.

As I parked and tried stepping into the building, I was stopped. Grid of prohibited Fashion at Mummy G.O’s Church “The lady at the entrance asked me to please take off my necklace. I begged her to help me take it off and she seemed pleased. She told me how she expected me to argue as many did. “Then I noticed this at the entrance. In this type of situations, you have to comply, you don’t need no drama. My scarf slid up and she sighted my earrings. She called me back. She helped me take those off too. I was just very calm and I kept smiling at her.

“I entered and found a suitable place to sit. It was Sunday school. I noticed something, they were so keen on the preaching of ‘End Times’. I surveyed the crowd. Well, it was a small crowd. Men one side, women one side. Youths were so few and I wasn’t surprised. Sunday school booklet “It was full of way older people and more women than men.

I was patiently waiting for mummy G.O to turn up.

I was called again by the woman outside. “Sunday school was over and mummy G.O was yet to be seen. She was nowhere to be found. Well, I got to learn that she was not in sight because she was getting death threats. “I was shattered. I was sad. My own Mummy G.O being threatened. But I could understand.

That’s what comes with popularity. Church was over. As we stepped outside, true intentions were exposed. Journalists posed as members were many! “I get in my car and decide to drop some people off. A lady I saw in the church and the journalist. So I ask her “What media do you work with?” The lady on the gown said she came for personal reasons. Then she reveals

“She ruined my friend’s marriage.” I ask how. She said; “You see those things she said about Tonto, she said the same about my friend to her husband. It was as though he was hypnotized and soon after, he divorced his wife and began sponsoring this woman’s mission.” “He has put so much fund in this woman’s ministry and why her church is so big.” She concluded. Meanwhile, speaking with BBC Pidgin, Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo, said most of the viral videos were edited and not her sermon. She said those behind the edited videos has been after her life and at some point, they sent armed men against her.

Mummy G.O’s Church