BREAKING: Mummy GO’s Church Tightens Security, Deploys ‘Holy’ Police, Tells Them What To Do

BREAKING: Mummy GO’s Church Tightens Security, Deploys ‘Holy’ Police, Tells Them What To Do

Information reaching Naija News House says that Mummy GO’s Church Tightens Security, Deploys ‘Holy’ Police To Scrutinise New Faces

Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God led by Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo popularly known as Mummy GO (General Overseer), has deployed ‘holy police’ to the area to scrutinise new faces and prevent nosy strangers from accessing the church.

In a report by Premium Times, the ‘holy police’ are members of the church, who ensure that visitors abide strictly by certain rules laid down by the management of the church — including a ban on taking pictures of the building or street view.

According to the report, the ‘holy police’ will seize phones and delete photos and videos of anyone who tries to pull a fast one.

Reacting to the influx of visitors to the area, a teacher, who spoke with the newspaper, Evelyn Owolabi, said she has never witnessed such.

‘‘It’s shocking. I don’t even understand what’s going on and why people are rushing here. I don’t attend the church,’’ she said.

The church founder has trended for months on social media for her sermons basically centred on the afterlife.

In most of the videos, she preached to emphasise how some human activities such as ’dancing’ could take one to hell.

Mummy GO’s Church

Mummy GO's Church
Mummy GO’s Church

After coming to the spotlight, the firebrand evangelist has carefully avoided the public’s prying eyes by staying away from recent church activities.

Although the reason for her absence was unknown, many believe that ‘Mummy G.O.’ is concerned for her safety.

During her interview with the BBC, Mummy G.O., who feigned ignorance of her viral sermons, stated that people threatened her because of her end-time preaching.

She also inferred that the videos making the rounds on social media were fake.

She said, “Even Satan will not say all those things talk less of someone that calls herself a ‘holiness preacher.

“I’ve been receiving some strange calls at times. They said, ‘you are driving away from people from our kingdom’; at times, they use guns to threaten my life.”

Her remarks perhaps explain why she has been absent from church in the last week.

Victor, an usher at the church, said the church had intensified security measures.

“People on social media have given my mummy in the lord a nickname ‘Mummy G. O.’ They think we are illiterate and dumb, but the truth would always remain the truth regardless,’’ he said.

He also said the church has existed for over 20 years in the exact location and that the founder’s husband was not a pastor.

Mummy GO’s Church

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