BREAKING: NAF Fighter Jet Bombs Nigerian Terrorist Kingpin, Others

BREAKING: NAF Fighter Jet Bombs Nigerian Terrorist Kingpin, Others

Information reaching Naija News House says that NAF Fighter Jet Bombs Nigerian Terrorist Kingpin, Others

Fighter aircraft of the Nigeria Air Force, NAF, has neutralized the Nigerian-wanted terrorist, Maliki Shrige, and bombed his enclave at the South Jaja community in Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

A report by PRNigeria revealed that Mr Shrige and his cohorts met their waterloo after actionable provided their precise locations before the precision airstrikes.

Mr Shrige is the arrowhead of the terrorist group launching attacks on bordering communities in the Zamfara and Katsina states.

A military intelligence operative disclosed that Mr Shrige, alongside his foot soldiers had in February this year migrated northward to South Jaja where they had established new hideouts.

According to the source, the relocation followed the total decimation of their logistics and hideouts at Doumborou Forest in Zamfara by NAF jets on 17 February 2022.

The operative said: “Consequently, surveillance aircraft were deployed to unravel the modus operandi of the depraved terrorists around the general area.

“Footages revealed significant terrorists’ activities were moving in and out of multiple huts with mounted solar panels.

“Furthermore, the footage showed armed terrorists moving on motorcycles along multiple tracks leading into the huts within the areas of interest.

“The footage corroborates valid Intel from locals and own deployments around the location that the huts are strategic points from where the miscreants launch most attacks on villages, communities and towns in ZAMFARA and KATSINA States.

“Accordingly, on the 13 July 2022, the Air Component of Operation Hadarin Daji dispatched a formation of fighter jets armed with rockets and bombs in an Air Interdiction mission at intervals to eliminate and infuse maximum casualty on the terrorists as well as destroy their enclaves.

“After confirming the target location to be active with scores of terrorists and large herds of rustled cattle within the huts, the information was relayed to the fighter jets for the extermination of the targets.

“Accordingly, the fighter jet armed with bombs was established overhead the target area and vectored to the target location.

“On arrival, scores of terrorists were spotted within the huts and multiple motorcycles are also seen moving into the huts. Consequently, the location was decisively engaged with bombs.

“Reports from the locals and own deployments at locations around SHIMFIDA substantiated that terrorist kingpin MALIKI SHRIGE and his cohorts suffered maximum casualties as about 45 terrorists were neutralised with their logistics demolished during the Air Interdiction,” he added.

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