Airports: Nigeria Airlines Habitually Delay Flights, Call Travellers’ Bluff

Airports: Nigeria Airlines Habitually Delay Flights, Call Travellers’ Bluff

Flight delays have become a norm in Nigeria. Many air travellers have had to wait for several hours, create a scene at airports or react angrily as the case may be before eventually flying to their destinations or getting a refund.

In this report, SEGUN ODUNAYO examines this worrisome trend
On a Friday in December 2021, a tired Bode Oyegoke closed from work and headed straight for the airport to catch a 7pm flight on Air Peace Airline from Kano to Lagos. Nigeria Airlines

An old friend was getting married the following day and Oyegoke must be there. Kano to Lagos is a distance of one hour and 35 minutes by air travel and Oyegoke had everything planned.

But his plan to arrive in Lagos in good time and get a good rest before going for the wedding would be disrupted by the airline as his flight did not take off till midnight.

The airline, according to him, did not offer any cogent reason for the flight delay while, despite being tired, he was forced  to loaf around the airport for hours much against his plan and will. Nigeria Airlines

Nigeria Airlines

Nigeria Airlines
Nigeria Airlines

He did not arrive in Lagos until the small wee hours of Saturday and he nearly missed the wedding because when he eventually went to bed, stressed and exhausted, he could not get out of bed until afternoon, after which he dragged himself to the wedding.

But that was not the only time that Oyegoke, a businessman, would have the bitter taste of delayed flight, disrupting his plans. Nigeria Airlines

Nigeria airports where airlines habitually delay flights, call travellers’ bluff.

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