Nigerian Governors’ Wives Flies To Dubai To Present Cake To Aisha Buhari

Nigerian Governors’ Wives Flies To Dubai To Present Cake To Aisha Buhari

How Nigerian Governors’ Wives Flies To Dubai To Present Cake To Aisha Buhari

A video of governors’ wives presenting a birthday cake to Aisha Buhari, Nigeria’s First Lady had gone viral on social media attracting the outrage of some Nigerians.

Bisi Fayemi, wife of the Ekiti State governor, was seen holding a cake while leading the other women who presented the cake to Aisha during her 51st birthday in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Some citizens had condemned the gesture as they queried why the First Lady had made Dubai her permanent city of residence.

Also, some lambasted the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration as they compared it to that of the former President, Goodluck Jonathan who was accused of corruption.

This, according to the users, is happening at a time the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is on strike and at a period that hardship is biting hard at Nigerians.

Below are some of the reactions:

Nigeria’s governors’ wives led by Bisi Fayemi travelled to Dubai to present Aisha Buhari with a birthday cake. No fuel in Nigeria for the common man but Aisha and her husband can enjoy life outside of Nigeria while citizens suffer! pic.twitter.com/MruKvrbzjG

— Jackson Ude (@jacksonpbn) March 1, 2022

Nigerian Governors Wives fly to Dubai to present Aisha Buhari with birthday cake while ASUU is on strike.

You’ll expect that the optics should affect them especially as this is a campaign year but they knowNigerians well. I’ve seen stupidity in governance but this takes the ice pic.twitter.com/1SHSWEjbEG

— Henry Shield (@henryshield) March 1, 2022

Buhari is in London for medical Tourism. Governor’s wives are in Dubai to deliver a birthday cake to Aisha Buhari. #NoFuel, the scarcity is biting. A liter is now N300 & ASUU is still on strike. Things weren’t this terrible b4 Tinubu & others staged the now infamous Ojota Protest pic.twitter.com/Mij9JiHoUk

— NEFERTITI (@firstladyship) March 2, 2022

Please what is beautiful about this when there is not light and petrol in Nigeria. They left us to our faith, Went to dubai to celebrate some mediocre birthday celebrations that’s not worth it. Aren’t they our leaders? Who’s supposed to be here in Nigeria making things better 🙄

— Braspy (@ShanuFemi) March 1, 2022

Until Nigeria’s constitution makes politicians become accountable things like this would continue to happen. Can’t imagine this happening in developed countries.
Who funded this trip?
Taxpayers money?

— Emmy 💙❤ (@Emmy_Cule) March 1, 2022

The National Assembly is passing bills that affect the dignity of Nigerian women, yet the governors wives think it’s a better idea to go wish Aisha Buhari happy birthday in far away Dubai. Nonsense and misplaced priorities https://t.co/kPNtF2SZ22

— BlessingsTimidi DIGHA (@BlessingsDigha) March 1, 2022

Gov’s wives led by Bisi Fayemi went to Dubai to present a cake to Aisha Buhari on her birthday. An entirely useless act and waste of resources

Nigerians are battling with “No fuel” wahala, and here are some ladies flaunting silliness

Grammy| iPhone 13| Ajah| headies pic.twitter.com/A103i1PDSo

— Alakowe 🇺🇦 ❤ (@alakowe_e) March 1, 2022

A top source had told SaharaReporters in December 2020 that the First Lady had now relocated quietly to the UAE and that she would not be returning anytime soon.
“Aisha Buhari has relocated quietly to Dubai. She had been going even before the daughter’s wedding. For three months now, she had been there…” the source said at the time.

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