Failure To Pay Tithe Is Criminal, Punishable, Attracts Curses – Nigerian Pastor

Failure To Pay Tithe Is Criminal, Punishable, Attracts Curses – Nigerian Pastor

Nigerian Pastor says Failure To Pay Tithe Is Criminal, Punishable, Attracts Curses

Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministry has described the failure of Christians to pay tithes by Christians as criminal, noting that it is compulsory.

The Cleric described those who fail to remit their tithes, (10 percent of all their incomes) to church as criminals, stressing that the offence is punishable.

Ibiyeomie disclosed this while speaking at the church’s service in Port Harcourt on Sunday, saying that some Christians experience near success syndrome (failure at the edge of breakthrough) because of their reluctance to pay tithes.

He added that failure to pay tithes attracts curses.

He said, “Tax is the government’s share, so you don’t say I want to give the government my tax, you say you want to pay tax, that is how tithe is God’s own. Leviticus 27:30. God is the owner of the tithe. So, what do you do?

“You pay, it’s only in Nigeria you don’t pay tax and they can leave you, in the Western world it is a big criminal offence, if you don’t pay tithe, you are a criminal, your offence is punishable, tithe is simply one-tenth of your income, 10 per cent of your income goes to God.

“Near success syndrome will not happen. If you’re experiencing near success syndrome don’t go for deliverance, you’re not a tither. Anything that I do, when it is close to manifestation, the thing will just go off, you’re not a faithful tither.

“Many deliverance ministries, they just go for deliverance, this is the problem, they don’t pay tithe faithfully. Yet, they will say anything I want to do, when it is about to click it will just go off.

“It is near success syndrome. Correct it from tithing, don’t correct it from seven days deliverance. Hear this, tithe must be paid first otherwise the curse will remain,” he added.

Nigerian pastors have been subjects of heavy criticism due to their extravagant lifestyles amid poverty in the land. Some of them have private jets, posh cars and live large at the expense of their poor congregation.

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