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Police DPO Shots Inspector During Argument

Nigerian Police DPO Shots Inspector During Argument

The Divisional Police Officer of 9th Mile Police Station, Rivers State Command of the Nigeria Police Force, Obidike Chukwudi on Monday shot at his junior colleague inside the police facility, SaharaReporters has gathered.

The Superintendent of Police had earlier detained the Inspector (name withheld) for allegedly leaving his duty post.

Multiple sources said that Obidike thereafter shot at the inspector while inside the cell during an argument.

The action of the senior police officer is in violation of Nigeria Police Force order 237 that guides the use of firearms by police officers.
“An Inspector was assaulted and shot by the 9th mile Divisional Police Officer after he detained in the cell for leaving beat. He fired the bullet inside the cell and he misfired but the shell caused a bruise on the police Inspector. This is an attempted murder, not punishment anymore,” a source familiar with the incident said.

Another source who is a policeman added, “An incident of violation of force order 237 happened at 9th mile police station on Monday being 13th March 2023.

“The DPO of the police station detained an Inspector for leaving his beat and while he was in cell, the DPO heard him shouting and instead of cautioning, he opened fire on the Inspector.
“This should be looked into by the authorities because police officer has right to life as well. Shooting is not part of the punishment of a defaulted police officer. I don’t even know Nigerian senior police officers can go to the extent of attempted murder.”

This is not the first time assault of junior police officers by their power-drunk seniors would get the public attention.

In November 2022, a police woman identified as Inspector Olorunsogo Bamidele, serving at the Nigeria Police Force, Osun State command, and attached to the Ode-Omu Divisional headquarters was physically assaulted and brutalised by her senior colleague, ASP Ajayi Mathew.

According to the policewoman, ASP Mathew, also the Divisional Crime Officer, had been making love advances at her but she refused as she told him that she was married and could not engage in any love affair with him.
She added that rather than letting her be, he has been using his position to intimidate and harass, blackmail and threaten to sack her if she refuses to accept his love advance.
Inspector Bamidele had said, “He started beating me, to the extent that he naked (sic) me. Look at my chest, my hands, everywhere injured. Mr. Ajayi Mathew.”

When asked why the senior colleague assaulted her, she said, “I don’t know because he asked me out, that I should befriend him, I said no, I’m a married woman, I cannot befriend you. He started blackmailing me; saying he is the one befriending me, which is not true.”

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