Police Officers Caught Connive With Armed Robbers To Cart Away Valuables, Looting

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Police Officers Caught Connive With Armed Robbers To Cart Away Valuables, Looting

Residents of Emuren in Sagamu, Ogun State have accused some Nigerian Police Force officers of colluding with armed robbers to continue looting private property and harm dwellers of the community.

It was learnt that the robbers for instance had been constantly robbing Dignity Oasis, one of the registered business ventures in the community and the police continued to release the suspects whenever they were caught and taken to them for proper prosecution.

Some of the properties of the business venture which the robbers had carted away included; an Electric Block moulding machine worth N600,000; a 12kva industrial generator worth N800,000, several surface pumping machines, 4 submissive pumping machines, 4 water reservoirs and Water Distilled cylinders, Water package machine, Floor Tiles and several other items.

Abdulaziz Arisekola Alao Lawal, a director of Dignity Oasis, described how the thieves disrupted the venture’s commercial operations.
He said that the venture, which had been in operation for more than eight years, was almost brought to liquidation within the period of two years.

He said, “We are on two plots of land, one for building construction materials (Block making, cement sales and distribution, granite supply and related) and the other plot is for Oacciss pure water factory. Unfortunately this business has been taken to its knees by these burglars in less than two years.

“It first happened last year 13th of March, 2022 when those guys went to the block industry and carried every iron equipment including industrial generator. Nobody was caught but we reported to the police and since then the attack was persistent with properties stolen.
“So, on a fateful day I can’t recall specific date until I check police record. I caught one of three guys who came to steal and took him to the community where I was physically attacked by the thieves. One of the community elders known for buying stolen items intervened in the matter which I refused until I handed the suspect over to police where he confessed not to only the incident but to several others.

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“He was transferred from Emuren to Shakura Police Station, Sagamu where I also went along side but the police insisted we settle which I opposed and invited a lawyer who told me that once the police are in such defence of a criminal, they will frustrate the process.
“Despite using about N40,000 to N50,000 to transport them to the police station, they freed the suspects the next day even without my consent.

“The police was even the one voicing for them that we should settle amicably. But I said no. That is not what I want. Then they still freed him. They later went back to the property by taking revenge by removing totally what is removable there.”

“I was asked to come third day; when I got there the criminal had been freed and the police have never produced him or his surety till date,” he said.

It was learnt that some other residents in the community nabbed them again last week and took them to the same Shakura police station and they were freed without questioning with intervention of the community elders.

When reached out to the police command spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, he said he was in a programme and would get back. But he had yet to do so as of the time of filing this report.

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