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4 Practices That Can Increase Couple’s Love For Each Other

4 Practices That Can Increase Couple’s Love For Each Other

Today, I will be sharing with you some practices that couples can do to increase their love and feelings for each other.

In marriage, love does not just grow, couple must intentionally do things that will make their marriage keep waxing strong day by day.

Practices That Can Increase

So when you see any marriage that is doing well, don’t just wish to be like them. You should get closer to them so that you can ask questions to know what they are doing that is making their marriages work out fine.

When lovers come before the altar to exchange their marital vows, they were told that “what God has joined together let no man put asunder” but today, it will not be wrong if will say that many couples have used their hands to put their marriages asunder due to things they were not doing or by being far from one another.

Practices That Can Increase

Below are 4 things that can increase a couple’s love for each other.

1. Praying together. There is a particular saying that “a family who prays together stays together”. When a couple doesn’t have time to pray together, their closeness may be affected thereby affecting the love they have for each other.

By coming together as husband and wife to pray for their union and every other thing they want, they will secure God’s intervention on how to handle any challenge. Praying differently may cause them not to have many results as they would if they come together and pray as one.

Practices That Can Increase

Couples who pray together have a higher chance of getting answers to their prayer because the Bible says “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 18:19.

So when husband and wife pray together, they will:

i. Handle their challenges together

ii. Have a higher chance of getting answers

iii. Grow their love for each other

Practices That Can Increase

2. Eating together. There are some homes where husband and wife eat their food separately. This may not be a good idea except there is a genuine reason for doing so.

If the husband is the type that comes back home very late because of the nature of his job or the wife’s job, it is understandable. Outside that, I think couples should be eating together. They may not put their foods on the same plate, but eating at the same time is good.

Practices That Can Increase

When husband and wife eat together, there is a possibility of them saying one or two things before they start eating the food or after eating.

Some even talk while eating their food. They will use the medium to get close to each other, look at each other, smile, and do other things. This will in one way or the other increase their love for each other.

Practices That Can Increase

3. Wearing uniforms. Wearing uniforms as husband and wife can increase their love for each other. It can also make them behave well in public because with the uniform, people will know that both of them are husband and wife without making a special introduction.

Other things about wearing a uniform are that it can make husband and wife walk together as they move along since they will want people to see them. It presents the couple as good husband and wife to the people. Ushers in churches won’t separate them when they come to church.

Practices That Can Increase

Also, if they attend any occasion, they will be allowed to sit together. All these staying together, moving together, and being near each other always will in one way or the other increase their love for each other because they will possibly communicate. It will also prevent another lady or man from coming between them.

Practices That Can Increase
Practices That Can Increase

4. Bathing together. Finally, Bathing together as husband and wife is good and should be practice by all because it will increase the couple’s love for each other. They will help each other to scrub backs where his/her hands can’t reach.

Practices That Can Increase

They will talk and smile with each other. If the couples are the type of who like to play, they might start playing with each other using the water to pour on themselves. They will finish bathing with joy and make funny comments as they go back to their room.

If you have not been doing this thing and you notice that your love for your spouse is not growing, then you may have to introduce it in your home and see how it goes.

Practices That Can Increase

In conclusion, being close to each other is one of the things that grows love. That is why you may see friends who are too close falling in love with each other. Closeness has a way of making husband and wife become fond of each other. They will find it difficult to do without each other.

Anything that will make couples closer together, will make their love grow.

4 Practices that can increase couple’s love for each other. What do you have to say about this?

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