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Qualities Of A Good Leader

Qualities Of A Good Leader

Leadership is as old as mankind. It has long existed before the creation of the entire universe. God was the one who actually BIRTHED leadership and BREATHED it on everything He created, especially humans.

Leadership governs life and the entire world. It cuts across all sectors/spheres of life. There is a place of leadership in marriage, government, education, ministry, business e.t.c.

The visible importance of leadership cant be overemphasized as its presence creates order, sanctity, peace, direction and great/easy achievement.

The key roles leadership plays in life is inviting responsibilities, setting orders, promoting proper conduct and stirring the spirit of FOCUS towards achievable goals.

But it will be difficult to harness the fruits of leadership if LEADERS lack the necessary qualities to lead. Hence, this article will be highlighting few leadership attitudes that will boost your leadership life and help you walk your way to becoming a GOOD leader.

Qualities Of A Good Leader
Qualities Of A Good Leader


1. Every successful leader must learn to absorb/accept criticism, blames for their actions. They must be ready to take responsibilites for the success/failure in their leadership.

Qualities Of A Good Leader

2. Every good leader must reserve some vital secrets about certain areas, situations of their life. They must not disclose every thing to their subjects so as to avoid rebellion, dishonor, familiarity, revolts to instructions from their followers. Remember if they know your WEAKNESS the have known the WEAPON to use against you.

3.Every good leader must learn to listen to their subjects. As a leader you must be willing to listen and allow your followers to make reasonable opinions,useful suggestions and what they have in mind.

4.Every good leader must be eloquent in speech and sound in writing. There are so much benefits atttached to having a formal education. It will boost your confidence to lead.

It helps you to communicate to your subjects professionally. There are times you dont need to communicate verbally. you may just need to make a script for the subjects.

Qualities Of A Good Leader

Leadership has a whole lot to do with writing. So if you desire to lead tomorrow and you are lacking this trait try enrolling in academic clases/lessons in order to acquire proper reading/writing skills. Because good LEADERS are good LEARNERS.

5. Every good leader must be respectful to his/her subjects. You must learn to respect everyone around you. As it is often said that when you respect others you are respecting yourself too.

6. Every aspiring leader must be very friendly, sociable and well accommodating. With this quality everyone will want to associate with your success.

Qualities Of A Good Leader

7. Every good leader must learn to forgive, study,observe and endure their followers as humans are full of inadequacies/errors.

8. Good leaders carry every fellower along. Good leaders do not have favorites. By this, every follower sees themselves as important as the next person.

9. Every good leader must be fearless and bold enough to counter/tackle challenges and profound solutions to problems.

10. Every good leader must be passionate to raise good leaders that will take their place when they will be no more. A popular quotes reads, ” it takes a leader to raise a leader”. It means if you have no one to replace you at your exit from this world,you have woefully failed.

Qualities Of A Good Leader

11. Every good leader must be ready to sacrifice for their followers. A wise man once said, ‘every good leader must give up to go up’. If you are indeed a good leader the peoples need will be your uttermost priority.

12. Every good leader must consistently develop themselves from time to time. Attending leadership seminars,workshops, conferences and engaging in mentorship will help every good leader to remain relevant to their subjects.

Qualities Of A Good Leader

13. Every good leader must be one who creates the spirit of inspiration for his people. He/she does not give in to defeat /give up easily and also encourages his subjects not to give up too.

14. Good leaders are always cheerful and full of excitement. No sad moments around them. It is natural for people to mingle with leaders who smile a lot and give them happiness and hope for fulfillment.

If you must be a good leader you must be ready to transfer this quality of cheerfulness to everyone that comes around you.

Qualities Of A Good Leader

15. Every good leader must fear and reverance the GREATEST leader God Almighty who created him. A leader who does not fear DIVINITY will lead HUMANITY in wickedness /cruelty.

The process of working towards these qualities mentioned here may not be convenient and instantenous but certainly will become part of you if you are determined to aporoach them today.

Qualities of a good leader. What do you think of this article? Let’s know your thoughts about it.

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