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Real Reason Nigerian Army Can’t Deal With Security Challenges Finally Revealed

Real Reason Nigerian Army Can’t Deal With Security Challenges Finally Revealed

According to reports, Chuks Nwachuku a lawyer and presidential candidate of All Grassroots Alliance (AGA) in the 2019 general elections. In this interview with media, he spoke about the state of the nation and why the Southern governors should be commended for their resolutions.

Can you share your thoughts on the state of the nation?

The nation at the moment is on the verge of disintegration. We are in a situation where the centre is no longer holding together that people want to fall apart.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

The centre is not holding because we don’t have any person to hold the centre together. We don’t have any person with competence at the centre.

We have an extremely myopic leader who shouldn’t have come in this day and age to lead anybody not to talk of a complex entity like Nigeria. To make matters worse the leader mentally handicapped.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

He cannot communicate with people. He is hidden from the people, cannot communicate with journalists, with citizens to any reasonable degree. I am sure that a lot of people working with him have not set eyes on him for many months.

My personal view is that most of the time he is not there because he is not mentally disposed to carry out his duties as president.

We see politicians talk about 2023, with the way things are, do you think that 2023 general election will be?

Real Reason Nigerian Army

It is going to be difficult to imagine how we are going to have a peaceful 2023. When Buhari was elected in 2015, I participated in electing him, I have stated my reason for doing that and those reasons were what I thought were good for the nation.

Immediately he came on board, I discovered that he was going to make things worse, principally by the fact that he wasn’t there. He took six months to appoint a cabinet at the time that we wanted a very racy government.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

At his first tenure he confessed that age was not on his side and he said that he was going to do only one term. We waited for that first term to go, and by 2018 we knew the level of killings all over the country.

I didn’t believe anybody was going to vote him back in 2019. We also discovered that while we were thinking of the country in 2015, some people were thinking of other factors and it appeared that we collaborated with them to bring about Buhari..

Real Reason Nigerian Army

Those of us who thought about the country withdrew from him in 2019. I came out as a presidential candidate because I thought that the best thing was to tell the people what I believed the leadership of Nigeria should be.

I made that bold statement that performance didn’t bring Buhari back in 2019, even if he claimed he won the election which I very much doubt. Factors, like ethnicity and religion brought him back and these factors are causing the present insecurity.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

The Nigeria Army is conflicted; they have an ethnic mindset, so they cannot deal with the source of insecurity. Nigerian Army has gone to the South East looking

Real Reason Nigerian Army
Real Reason Nigerian Army

for non-existent Eastern Security Network (ESN).

I don’t think that there is anything called ESN; except on the papers. All the pictures shown on social media are just technology conjured. They have not mobilized to confront Boko Haram in the North.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

I must say that hate is aiding the movement to the South-east, it is not to guard Nigeria, not security, but ethnic hate is driving the movement. I see the nation without a leader because a leader gives vision that will guide citizens.

Look at the Kankara abduction; it happened right under Buhari’s nose. He was in the state, and you could see the blankness on his face when the governor was talking to him, because of his illness.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

He didn’t understand what was going on, he was rather shown visiting his cows, and some people used that opportunity to make a lot of money to pay abductors. These abductions could also have been arranged to embarrass the President.

The IGP flagged off the operation restore peace in the South-East and some people blamed the governors for collaborating with the police. What is your view?

Every governor would want a peaceful state and at the same time will be watching his back because he wouldn’t want a situation where insecurity will be used as an excuse to declare a state of emergency and remove him.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

There are people who would want to plant their surrogates in the South-East as administrators. Insecurity in the South-East, unknown gunmen phenomenon are sponsored by elements who want to ensure that the South-East is not peaceful.

As a governor you would want to let the federal government know that you don’t want insecurity, and so you would want to cooperate with them as much as you can, even when you suspect they are behind what is going on.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

Those blaming the governors should understand that it is not easy to be an Igbo man in authority. You can look at how many Igbo people have lost their positions.

Madam Azuka Azinge who was the Registrar General of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) was embarrassed before the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT). She, like Walter Onnoghen, was punished ahead of trial.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

I think that the South-East people should as much as possible rally round their governors. They should stay behind their governors to give them confidence to take decisions on their behalf.

It is a huge problem for the governor when your people are not with you and you know that the authorities are against you. The authority of any person in leadership is those behind him.

If those at the centre see that their people are behind them they would be careful what they do. Nnamdi Kanu for example is not being careful with what he does. I am not in support of secession; I see no reason behind that, but emotions.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

An ethnic enclave for the Igbo is not viable because within the Igbo are different enclaves. You cannot use enclaves as a definition. You must look for a definition that will defeat ethnic enclaves to hold people together and that is the problem Nigeria has.

Not being able to find grounds to keep people together except ethnicity, religion and other natural factors. Igbo should face the challenge of succeeding in Nigeria and I think it is cowardly to begin to think of secession.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

If you go to Igbo land, you will see that prosperity there exceeds that of any part of this country, in spite of the fact that Igbo are not treated fairly in Nigeria. In the North, you can see what bandits are doing in their land.

They are envious that you have peace in your land. They want to transport the problem in their place to your region because they don’t like the fact that you live in peace.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

Kanu shouldn’t be talking about armed groups in South-East now. He should continue with peaceful protest. Anybody has the right to peacefully agitate for anything. My voice was loud when the Army went after Kanu those days.

Nigerians are too docile that is why we have endured Buhari for so long. Where will Buhari be President outside Africa? People can move to the street and even go to Aso Rock and throw him overboard.

We should be seeing our president everyday answering questions in a democratic setting. Nnamdi Kanu is a creation of Buhari incompetence leadership, a leader that causes crisis all over the place.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

I wrote to Buhari, warned him that the defining issue won’t be economy, infrastructure but the defining issue would be rebuilding the country, national unity, because he has been a part of all the crises in this country.

Let him take a tour of the South-East resolve to address some issues, all these agitations will cease.

What are your thoughts on the resolution of Southern governors?

I am so happy that the southern governors met, not from a regional mindset but from a security and neutral mindset.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

Buhari is the leader of the ignorant Fulani people and not the intelligent ones. The meeting of the Southerner governors is what is going to save Nigeria. We wouldn’t know what would have become of the South-East if that meeting didn’t hold.

The meeting was like a master stroke, because it cut through ethnic and religious lines and they spoke that they are not going to take open grazing. Nigerians should thank the governors for that meeting.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

If they agree that no single shot will be fired at the South, then there is hope of avoiding another major conflict. There are no bandits in the South, so they should go to the North, we don’t want a military here.

The way Nigeria is constituted is unworkable. Your result cannot be different from the way you are structured; I don’t mean the popular restructuring. I mean building a nation, to build a nation you have to remove the things that divide the nation.

You have to see the people as one. You cannot have multiple identities and hope to build a nation. When you have things like quota system, federal character to advance educationally and economically, which means that what matters is that you are from a particular state to progress in this country.

Real Reason Nigerian Army

If you want the country to progress, remove those things and let everyone compete on equal terms.

Real reason Nigerian Army can’t deal with security challenges finally revealed. Kindly leave your comment on the comments section below.

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