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The Right Age To Get Married By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The Right Age To Get Married By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The right age to get married, it has been reported that the believers Love World General Overseers and renowned Christian author, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been answering some series of questions from young people across the world.

When is right age to get married? Pastor Chris offers answer to a critical question.

The popular online programme which is tagged “Ask Past Chris”, has been attracting hundreds of questions worldwide.

In one of the episodes, a young Lady identified as Sarah from the United States, texted the pastor about the proper age for young couples to get married.

Pastor Chris began by laying emphasis on the question and answers.

According to him, the answers he has been providing is from the Bible and not his own personal opinion.

In regards to the question that was filed by Sarah, pastor Chris said there is no time frame for any body to get married.

“The Bible is not specific about the right age to get married.” he revealed.

According to him, there is no age that is proper for people to get married. The major thing that is required in marriage is maturity.

Right Age To Get Married
Right Age To Get Married

“Some people get married while they are still very young, some others, much older.

But there is no definite age to get married. Marriage is for the matured ones.”

He stressed that maturity is vital because it would go a long way in keeping the couple together.”

To be able to handle life with someone else, you need maturity.” he concluded.

When is right age to get married?

…what is your opinion on this?

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