“Some So-called Pastors Are Mad”, DEE Blasts Pastor Who Accused Suleman For Sleeping With His Wife

“Some so-called pastors are not normal”, DEE blasts Pastor who accused Suleman for sleeping with his wifehttp://DEE blasts Pastor who accused

It is obvious that the situations of the country has turned some people to look for the shortcut of making money in the wrong way.

Recently Pastor Mike David has accused the founder and general overseer of Omega Fire ministries International, Apostle, Professor Johnson Suleman for sleeping with his wife, threatening his life and denying him access to his children.

The woman Apostle Suleman is accused of sleeping with is known as Pastor Faith Edeko, who heads Utako Branch in Abuja of Omega Fire Ministries while her husband, Pastor Davids, has left the church.

The Nigerian Blogger, Dominic Edem aka DEE has reacted to the allegation as False and cheap blackmail.

DEE said it is a very wrong for so-called pastor Mike David to open his dirty mouth before the public and accuse the innocent man of God that has blessed without measure.

In his statement; Nigerian Blogger said,

I don’t think pastor Mike David is a pastor, because if he is a pastor, there’s no way he could paint Apostle Suleiman with such lies. Without being told, Pastor David is supposed to know that Apostle Suleiman can never, and he has never done such a thing with a single lad, talk more of a married woman.

I know it is because of how hard the country is at present, that made him say this so that he could get a quick money, but it is wrong for you to condemn another person because of one thing or the other you hope to get. Even though Pastor David was paid to do that, he wouldn’t have done it. If Pastor David was looking for money, he would have approached Apostle Suleiman in good manner rather than resorting to this cheap blackmail. At least, Apostle would have given him something.

It is a shameful thing for you to open your mouth to disgrace your family in the public, what do you want your children to learn? Where do you expect your children to hide their faces? Do you think you are the only one that is hungry in this country or do you think you are the only one that need to shortcut to get the money? If you have issues with your wife, why can’t you settle it within you and your wife? Must you Wash your dirty linings outside? What kind of pastor are you that you don’t have a single respect for yourself and others.

David, when someone’s greatness surpasses yours, there’s nothing you can do about it. In this life, we can be the same age mate, but we can’t be Grace mate. Is it not better for you to pray for the same grace to come upon you, than for you to rubbish another person. You think it is everybody you can rubbish and go free? How much did you collect to do this that will not finish?

Apostle, Professor Johnson Suleman is not your mate Mike David, go and look for your mate.

Now you have created a stigma in your family that you can never erase however you try!

I don’t know you and I don’t want to know stupid mad man like you, but my spirit tell me that, you have misunderstanding between you and your wife, why can’t you settle it, instead of dragging innocent man to it?

I’m not a member of Johnson Suleman’s church or his fan, but I know that Suleman can never do this, and he will never do it.

See what Buhari’s government had caused: it has pushed some hungry Nigerians to do what they are not supposed to do.

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  • All bunch of Satanic Fields coming out from their darkest Pits. Every day Pastor Suleiman and this, hat Woman. All of them are Devils using the name of God in vain. They will reap all on earth here and Roast in
    In Hell in Pieces. God forbid. These brigands are are a complete waste of nature