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Why I Stay Away From Crime – Nigerian Actor, Zubby Micheal

Why I Stay Away From Crime – Nigerian Actor, Zubby Micheal

Zubby Micheal recently released a short video where he talked about a lot of things and he used the opportunity to advise the youth of this generation against living the life of crime. He urged them to shun every form of illegality in a bid to become rich.

In a video posted on his Instagram page a couple of minutes ago, the Nigerian actor and movie producer explained that he stay away from crime not because he does not have the mind to, but rather, to avoid what he referred to as spiritual death.

According to him, many young ones of this generation get involved in all forms of crime including scamming people of their hard-earned money just to live a life of luxury. He said these young ones think that they are smart or confident but what awaits them, in the end, is spiritual death.

Stay Away From Crime
Stay Away From Crime

To explain what he meant by spiritual death, the popular Nollywood actor used the example of a young man who scammed someone of his life savings and that person ended up killing himself or dying in frustration. Such a young man will be thinking he is successful in life and will be flaunting his illegally acquired wealth but death awaits him in the future.

Zubby Micheal also had advice for young ladies who are running after successful young men. He said that it is better to date a struggling young man who has a legitimate source of income than run after rich men with a questionable source of wealth.

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