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BREAKING: Synagogue Has Exposed Who To Replace Pastor T.B Joshua

BREAKING: Synagogue Has Exposed Who To Replace Pastor T.B Joshua

The Christian adherents in many countries of the world was thrown into a state of shock and disbelief when news broke out in the early morning of June 6, that the founder of the synagogue church of all nation (SCOAN) pastor Temitope Joshua popularly addressed as T.B Joshua is dead.

Till this moment, the cause of his death has not been stated, it was reported that after he finished ministering in an evening program, he returned to his abode, and later that same night he was confirmed dead, may God grants his soul eternal rest.

Synagogue Has Exposed

T.B Joshua left a great number of disciples behind, and it’s, therefore, necessary to seek a replacement who would continue his legacy and also lead the church in his absence.

Synagogue Has Exposed
Synagogue Has Exposed

In my opinion, Evelyn Joshua is in the best position to take over the leadership of the synagogue church of all nations.

Who is Evelyn Joshua?

Evelyn is the wife of pastor T.B Joshua, they were married for over twenty-five years and God blessed the union with three children. Evelyn has been described as ever-supportive of his husband’s ministry even before the church becomes what it is today.

Synagogue Has Exposed

She will know about everything T.B Joshua does to take the church to the revered position it stands today, it has been reported that she organizes meetings and counseling classes for those who couldn’t see the prophet.

According to a report from the church, she has been described as a workaholic and the next most powerful person in the church after pastor T.B Joshua himself.

In my opinion, Evelyn Joshua has all the qualities It takes to lead the church and even improves on the legacy that pastor T.B Joshua left behind.

Synagogue has exposed who to replace Pastor T.B Joshua. What is your comment?

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